Modem Farang Mu Sul

San Francisco, CA…Grandmaster Michael De Alba, founder of Modern Farang Mu SulR, announced that his East Coast instructors, Anthony Spataro,

Michael lannone and Joseph Spataro, made their debut in a NHB professional fight last March in Asbury’ Park, New Jersey. WKA middleweight champion Lou Neglia promoted the event, the 8th Ring of Combat.

Instructors Anthony Spataro and Joseph Spataro dominated much of their matches but lost to their worthy competitors. Michael lannone’s match against Judo expert Peter Storm was probably the most exciting of the evening and demonstrated the best that Modern Farang Mu Sool offers to its practitioners. Inannone took the match with a triangle choke to an arm bar that finally made his opponent make the tap to signify his loss.

Master Patrick Schleeter, Instructor Terry King and Instructor Ken Gibson worked the corner with Grandmaster De Alba who commented that his competitors showed true warrior courage, spirit, sportsmanship, humility, and pride. By Terry King

Singapore…The cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore recently played host to a unique martial arts and cultural event, the Rangsang Rias Pusaka

Bangsa or Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony. The unique event brought together collectors of keris, a deeply symbolic dagger of the Indo-Malay people and the practitioners of the martial art of Silat. The two-day event is a cultural kaleidoscope and featured music, dance, informative talks, and numerous martial art demonstrations. In addition, there was a first-ever Keris tournament that judged the weapons from a purely artistic viewpoint. By Cezar Borkowski LEFT: Martial artists of various Indo-Malay styles demonstrated at the cultural fest. RIGHT: Weapons were judged by their intrinsic artistry rather than by their ability to do arm or provide self-defense.

Pasadena, Maryland….On Saturday, March 5, 2005, Master Joe Coceres and Mr. John Tucker, owners of Maryland Taekwondo in Pasadena, Maryland, along with more than 20 of their students conducted a Kick-A- Thon to benefit the Red Cross in the Tsunami Relief Effort. Each participant had 30 minutes to perform as many valid kicks as possible against pledges and donations that they received prior to the event. Following the kicking session, Mr. Tucker broke six slabs of concrete with an elbow break for the cause. The students performed more than 20,000-plus kicks raising more than $3,000 towards Tsunami relief. Local news featured the event in its evening programming On March 26, 2005, Master Coceres and Mr. Tucker conducted a two-hour Women’s Self-Defense course in Laurel, Maryland, at the Fidos For Freedom headquarters. The event benefited Fidos For Freedom, a non-profit organization that-trains dogs for the hearing and seeing impaired and for Participant of the handicapped and the wheelchair bound.

The Kick-A- More than 25 women and teenage girls participated in the class that taught basic commonsense

ThonforTsu- skills and techniques for various confrontation scenarios including chokes, grabs and pushes. Nami Relief. Scenarios were also altered for some of the wheelchair-bound participants. We are here to help people. That is what we do. We feel better knowing these ladies will walk out of here with something that could possibly change the course of a disastrous or even a fatal situation, said Master Coceres.

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