MASTER IGOR CHERNYAKOV Initially used by the Russian military for hand-to-hand combat, SAMBO has become a recognized competitive sport combining wrestling, Karate and Judo This tape teaches various standing and ground techniques useful in con tests and realistic self-defense. 45 minutes.


PROF.VISITACION & SHIHAN DAVID JAMES Usable self-defense, stick techniques, & more from this unique street defense art. Professor Vee & Shihan David James show how to strike from the quickest point. 1 – Intro to Vee-Arnis-Jitsu 92min. 2 – Continuing Vee-Arnis-Jitsu 50mn. 3 – Stick Concepts, Part A 80min 4 – Stick Concepts, Part B 40min 5 – STREET SELF-DEFENSE 80min. 6 – KNIFE SELF-DEFENSE 50min this series HAS BEEN RATED ONE OF THE TEN BEST STREET FIGHTING SERIES EVER BY BLACK BELT MAGAZINE! IT’S ALSO THE TOP RATED MARTIAL ART VIDEO ON THE INTERNET!


SENSEI ROBERT B. MACEWEN JR. ‘->¦&’ ,Vft, INSIDE KUNG FU Teaches combat Aikido techniques for tea! Life situations. Our top selling Aikido series! 1 AIKIDO DYNAMIC COMBAT – Hand to hand techniques, basics & self-defense. Includes firearm disarms/The best gun dis-arms seen on tape –

IKF.50min. 2 COMBAT AIKIDO KNIFE DEFENSES – Open hand techniques against knives, take-downs, dis-arms & vital street defense techniques.

Essential for true Aikido. 41Min. 3 DYNAMIC AIKIDO COMBAT REVERSALS – How to overcome an opponent who resists your technique. Various takedowns & self-defense training is taught. 47 min. 4 DYNAMIC AIKIDO SELF DEFENSE – Covers defenses to common grabs, chokes, bear hugs & other attacks. Use many of the techniques from this series in self-defense 40min. 5 UTILIZING Kl IN SELF-DEFENSE Part 1 – Understanding the use of Ki can help make your technique effective with a minimum of effort. Teaches Ki exercises and the way to use Ki in technique. 6 –

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