NCCTMA’s Online Traditional Martial Arts School

NCCTMA provides an exciting new concept for learning traditional martial arts. Studies are provided in the following major areas: Tae Kwon Do; Hap Ki Do; Moo Sa Sool (Weaponry); Shaolin Chuan; Tai Chi Chuan; Baduk (also known as Go or Wei Chi); Do In Che Jo (Ancient Yoga); Ki or Chi Gong (Breathing and Meditation Exercise); Philosophy and Healing Arts. These online lectures and lessons are appropriate for every skill level and are presented using a variety of methods such as: written materials, easy to follow pictures and video or audio clips. User participation and registration is easy and user friendly. NCCTMA does not teach all the Martial Arts as one and each major style is taught separately in its purest original form from concept to expert level. Users will receive belt certification for each level completed. __ Benefits of NCCTMA Education: You can take courses anytime, day or night, and complete your NCCTMA education during the most convenient time frame for your busy schedule. You can maximize your potential and enhance your skills with our extensive knowledge base and educational resources. NCCTMA Business since 1997 Actual Screenshot of NCCTMA Online Training Program You will enjoy learning a more comprehensive version of martial arts that adds long lasting mental, physical, and philosophical benefits to your daily life.

Visit WWW.NCCTMA.COM for more information! USA Taekwondo


Master Ken Kuek

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