Olympic Future of Tae Kwon Do

Seoul, SK…According to a report printed in the JoongAng Daily, a South Korean newspaper, Tae Kwon Do will remain a full Olympic sport in the 2008 Games in Beijing, China. At a meeting in Switzerland held the second week of April 2005, Tae Kwon Do Remains m°pr Olympic Sport in 2008 committee ‘ ‘ reported that

IOC President Jacques Rogge told KOC head Kim Jung-gil that Tae Kwon Do would remain an Olympic sport in the foreseeable future.

Rumors that Tae Kwon Do would not retain its status in the 2008 Games were fueled by several scandals that erupted over the past several years involving the Korean martial art as well as accusations of biased referring within the martial sport. According to KOC members, Rogge said that

Tae Kwon Do’s recent reform drive had alleviated those concerns.

WORLD TACKWONSO PBOtHATlON (WTF Elects New Leadership Madrid, Spain…On April 12, 2005, the World Taekwondo Federation elected a new leadership during its world championships in Spain. In addition, the world governing body for the martial sport launched a new logo to symbolize a bold new beginning and an international identity.

At the 17tn WTF General Assembly meeting held in Madrid, participants elected WTF interim president Chungwon Choue to a four-year term. The assembly also elected three vice presi- President Choue dents: Dr. Nat Indrapana of Thailand, Soo Nam Park of Britain, and Kamaladdin

Heydarov of Azervbaijan. Under new leadership and a new logo, the global Tae Kwon Do family will go forward with united strength. Today we truly deliver Korea’s gift to the world, Chou said.

The General Assembly also approved the new memberships of five national associations from the coun-.

Tries of Sao Tome-Principe, Vanuata, Algeria, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This brings the WTF National Association membership to 179 countries. , Int’l TSD Federation Hosts Instructor Conference

Monroeville, PA…International Tang Soo Do Federation president and founder Choong Jae Nim Master C.

S. Kim hosted the fourth instructors conference on March 11-12, 2005, at the Boyce campus of Allegheny

Community College in Pittsburgh. The event spanned two days because of the new required CPR safety class that all Federation instructors must participate in to ensure the safety and welfare of all students throughout the federation. This was a good decision (Requiring all instructors to learn CPR safety), stated Choong Jae Nim Master

Kim. This is not only good for their schools but also for the safety of their families and for the safety of their communities.

After the morning CPR training and lunch, the instructors attended business and training seminars anchored by Choong Jae Nim Master Kim. He stated: No matter whether the school is in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Haiti, Chicago, Pittsburgh, or wher-ever, if its an International Tang

Soo Do Federation school, it’s important that we all follow the same guidelines and be consistent in our business, our programs, and what we convey to our students. This is why we have this seminar. 4 July 2005/ taekwondotimes.coma

The event drew over 100 instructors from the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Haiti.

San Diego, CA…

Grandmaster David Chaanine of Chula Vista, California, has created a new form to honor the founder of Tae Kwon Do, General Choi, Hong Hi and his lifelong dedication and contribution to his martial art.

Grandmaster Chaanine fashioned the Hong Hi pattern as the 25th form to symbolize the General’s eternal mortality after the 24 hour. The

California Grandmaster has produced a not-for-profit DVD of the pattern. Grandmaster Chaanine states that he would like for all Tae Kwon Do practitioners to practice the form as a dedication to General Choi as well as a way to honor the father of Tae Kwon Do.

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