This movement is another stability-focused exercise. This time, by raising opposite Limbs, it challenges the rotational muscles of the core to stabilise and prevent movement. This is an ideal exercise for those starting out on their training, or a great core warm-up for those more practised.

A Begin in the same position as for the abdominal activation exercise. Maintaining the position, raise one arm forwards and to the side, while at the same time extending the opposite leg away from your body.

Return to the start position, then repeat on the opposite side.

To do this movement correctly, your pelvis should remain level and not tilt from side to side as the leg lifts. To check this isn’t happening, place a book on your lower back as you do the exercise. If it slides off, you are tilting your hips.

Too easy?

If this feels easy, try performing the exercise over a stability ball; select a small ball for this. It will add an extra challenge to your stability.

Too hard?

If this is proving too difficult, start off by only raising your arms, keeping your feet on the floor. Once you have mastered this, progress to raising your knee off the floor but keep your toes down. Then you’ll be ready to progress to the full version.

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