Paul Wiffen comeback

Paul Wiffen’s last fight was in September of 2003, where he took the WKU European Super-bantamweight title, easily beating Mauricio Frias from

Portugal. Since then he has been sidelined by injury and although it looked at one time that he would retire, he returned to full fight training in the early part of this year and was matched here against old adversary Dave Edwards, the two having fought twice before. The first two contests the two had were very close and this would be no different. The fact that after their first meeting the two of them had become close friends only added to the interest in the fight. Strange as it seems to some, the two of them were in regular contact in the build up to the fight and spoke many times, however anyone thinking this would make for a mild affair would be very much mistaken as these two went at it from the off.

At the start of every round Edwards would launch into a vicious attack forcing Wiffen to tuck up and weather the storm before hitting back with nice timed counters. Although finding the timing of his punches was a little off for the first half of the fight, not surprising considering he had two years of ring rust to lose, his kicks hit home time and time again. Any doubt in the result was removed in the last round when being caught with a strong right hand, Edwards was given a standing count by the referee. Edwards, always the warrior, complained bitterly but had been shaken and was no doubt seeing any chance of victory running away from him. A unanimous decision at the end of this 7 round contest was awarded to Paul Wiffen, who now moves forward to a big fight in Florida to take place in December.

WKU British Lightweight Title Bonnie Webb (Medway & Maidstone) and Catherine Brooks (Liverpool KBC) met for the vacant title and what ensued was a tough, very physical battle with the taller Brooks trying to use her strength to take the technically more proficient Webb out of her stride. At times she succeeded and Webb occasionally showed frustration before finally getting her distance with her jab and strong kicks. As the fourth round got underway Brooks was struck again with a strong right cross and hav- ing had the resistance forced out of her indicated to the referee that she could no longer fight on, leaving Bonnie Webb as the new Champion.

WKU English Super-lightweight Title Phil Eton (Samurai) made another successful defence of this title in clearly beating Steve Granger (TS Kickboxing). To be honest, as good as Eton was, Steve had left most of his fight in the dressing room, as having come in over the title limit he had spent some considerable time shifting the weight. Unfortunately this left him short of the energy needed to keep off a very strong Phil Eton. At the end all three judges awarded all five rounds to the Champion who now moves to the next Casino event in November for a mouth watering clash with Shawn ‘Boom Boom ‘ Burton. They will meet over 7 rounds for the WKU British title.

Great junior contest

It’s unusual to highlight a junior contest, very often they are given just a few lines at the bottom of a report. However the meeting here of 11 year old George Hennon (Medway & Maidstone) and 12 year old Sam Cooper from Samurai Martial Arts showed such great technical ability that it deserves far more than the usual. The control shown, this was a light contact bout, was exceptional and with a high kick count comprising a full range of technique it was an outstanding advert for the junior game. The result at the end went for Hennon who took a unanimous decision.

Southern Kickboxing Promotions would like to place on record their thanks for all the fighters and trainers who attended, their sponsors, the

World Kickboxing Union, Malcolm Martin, Digital Film UK, Wicked Design, Doctor Rashid, Jonacc Services and finally the staff of the Casino


FULL UNDERCARD RESULTS Emily Mason (Pegasus) v Carla J ess up (Medway & Maidstone) A scrappy contest won by Mason on points Steve Lewis (Medway & Maidstone) v Andy Chambers (Samurai) Both first timers, great start for Lewis whose aggressive style wore down Chambers forcing the intervention of the referee early in the third.

Martin Birnacijk (Medway & Maidstone) v Charlie Garforth (Bulldog Gym) Great start by Garforth with Birnacijk only getting going late in the second round. In the third Garforth was penalised with a minus point by the referee for holding and at the end a split decision went to the Medway fighter. A rematch waiting to happen.

Warren Fryer (Medway & Maidstone) v Jon Coates (Leicester) A draw with the greater technical skill of Coates being met with the higher workrate of Fryer.

Ashley Hook (Medway & Maidstone) v Greg Appleton (Samurai) A very tough fight with Hook taking the win. These two will no doubt meet again.

Frank Miall (Medway & Maidstone) v Kevin Hayward (SDCS) Another very tough fight and probably the best three rounder of the night. Could have gone either way but this time the judges went with Miall who now meets the aforementioned Steve Granger in October.

Chris Anechin (Samurai) v Tommy Munn (Brighton Sports) A very quick start for Munn, striking home early and Anechin never recovered. A stoppage win for Munn.

Luke Reid (Samurai) v Lee Hollingsworth (Nicholls TKD) A meeting of two fighters surely destined for future title honours with Hollingsworth taking a very close decision here. Hollingsworth’s great kicking ability coming from Taekwondo makes him a very attractive fighter to watch.

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