Pinning with the Inside Ankle Ride

inside ankle pin

As MMA has grown, the popularity of the pin  has become one of the most emphasized and “coached” phases of the sport. In fact, the pin has become the most popular and familiar phase of wrestling—not only for the wrestler but for fans as well.


A fighter must learn to become a “pinner,” and in our program we try to emphasize and encourage the wrestler to learn as many pin combinations as possible.

We begin our first practice and each practice session throughout the year with drills ending in the pin. In addition, we have an awards and recognition program for boys who have the most pins and the quickest pins in each weight class throughout the season.

In the past several years, we have found that as the wrestler has become more pin alert, the counters and defenses against the pin have become more effective.


Our favorite pin has come from an inside ankle ride combination. It gives us the important advantage of leg control. By attacking only the hindquarters, beginning wrestlers are not as liable to make the mistake of working too high and getting reversed or losing their top advantage.

NOTE: It is easy to learn and can be worked into at least two other pin positions—the leg pick-up and turk pin


The “basic skill work” has now been laid for securing this pin. Getting behind, riding, and breaking an opponent down are all parts of this pin, and through our experience we find that this simple series has been very successful in developing good wrestlers plus making them pin alert.

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