This core exercise targets the muscles of the mid- and lower back, buttocks and core, and is a great exercise for improving posture. As this exercise has a strong postural focus, it works best when the position is held over time.

Lying on the floor, tighten the muscles of the bum (glutes).

Keep your chin tucked in and look towards the floor during the exercise. Resist the temptation to look up, extending the neck.

Raise your chest off the floor and lift your arms, rotating your thumbs towards the ceiling.

Hold at the top of the movement, and be sure not to lift up too high and excessively arch your lower back.

Too easy?

Try performing this exercise on a stability ball, but not until you can hold it for a minute on the floor!

Too hard?

Start with short holds and try to gradually increase the amount of time you can hold the position.

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