Punch Faster

How I Tripled My Hitting Speed in Just One Evening Dear Friend, Look! I used to train hard. The 4-hour workouts, 7 days a week, every week! Then a friend introduced me to The SPEEDMAN. The SPEEDMAN is a tall, lanky man with hawk-like eyes that bore right through me.

My friend told me how fast this SPEED-MAN was, but I thought he was jerking me around. I wanted proof.

TheSPEEDMANgotthisfunnygleamin his eye and asked me if I wanted to play. I’d been around, so I told him sure.

He did the tlap hands drill. That’s where I have my hands up in front of my face andhethrowsapunchbetween them. I’m supposed to either blockitorcatch it. I told him to go ahead.

I felt a sting on my nose and I didn’t see him twitch a muscle. You musthave caught mewhen I wasn’t looking, I told him. My buddy laughed. Are you ready yet? The SPEEDMAN asked. Sure, I replied.

My nose stung again, but much worse this time. My buddy was rolling on the ground, doubled up with laughter. Through his gasps of laughter he asked me, Do you know how many times he hit you? Three times, he yelled… … then laughed some more.

Iwas’pissedoffnow.solthrewapunch at his head, just to see what he could do.

The SPEEDMAN was frighteningly efficient.

Both of his hands were in my eyes, on my throat, all over my midriff, and at the same time hisf eet whomped on my legs. AND ICOULDNT STOP


I couldn’t turn from him, then he thumped me lightly on the brainstem, and I crumpled to theflooras he followed me down with a finger to my throat. Ltwasjustafriendlydemonstrationof speed, but… … It was frightening, because there was NO defense.

TheSPEEDMANhadzappedmemore than 12 times in lessthan asecond. I know because my friend tried to count them.

This SPEEDMAN could move betterthan any of those movie clowns in The Matrix.

He could who nip butfon an entire football team without spilling his morning coffee.

That’s when I knew I needed to know more about real speed! Because I was a black belt in 3 different karate styles, The SPEEDMAN invited me to his Insiderisseminar, a behind closed doors class (with the doors locked) that he held for 9 of his own handpicked, private students. Ltwas5days,4hoursaday, and his speed trainings were out of this world!

Here’s just a small sample of the closely guarded secrets he taught and captured on S-VHS video: GUERRILLA SPEED SECRETS A speed demo so awesome my friends pounded me on the back in their enthusiasml The single most important key to effective speed! A simple sanity test to validate your speed! How to compress your power so it goes off like a stick of dynamite! The wast mistake that causes feather hitting! A simple way to get more hits in a second than you can legally handle! The one drill that gives you 12 hits before he can blink an eye! After my demo the room resounded with a sudden roar of applause! Mow to drop a bomb on any target! The real secret behind Invisible strikes! 56secretspotsthatwoulddropKing Kong! How to hide your attack against any opponent! Aspeed discovery so startling, it will have your friends applauding you! The secret of guerrilla speedl And when to use it! How to triple the speed of your back knuckle ovemlghtl Plus lots, lots more, so much that you must feel it to believe it.

This is a highly impactful Insider Secrets video, and you get it all for HALF PRICE, or$39.95 bucks, plus postage and handling, WHEN

YOUORDER WITHIN 30 DAYSI This material took 19 years to research and compile. It cost more than 327,789 in courses. Your cost NOW is just $39.95+P&H. AN UNBELIEVABLE BARGAIN Why? A couple of reasons.

First, I believe the average guy has been screwed,and they arenotbeingtaught the real secrets. The SPEEDMAN teaches the real secrets, so getting these videos outtoyouismywayoffightingback.Once you see them you’ll know! Reason two, soon The SPEEDMAN is gonna put on more seminars and release his newest project, and he’s testing to see if you are ready for his little known information yet.

Now you’re probably asking, If speed’s so important, why haven’t I heard about it before? Good question. Let me tell you what the Masters say:

MASTERS’ SECRETS OF SPEED Train in the real secrets by the light of the moon and behind closed doors. NEVER letthe commonerknowwhatyou know! Kaneshima Matsumora NEVER taught the secret speed principles of his Chinese boxing. These (speed) techniques were taught in secret and do NOT appear in the katas.

Hohan So Kan Always teach and practice In private, telling NO ONE your secrets.

Chinese boxing Speed is the most important key to winning a fight. Yang Jwing-Ming The man was KILLED on the spot by a hand that no one saw. Yang Lu-Ch’an Old SECRET. Should always be relaxed to allow for speed. Kojo Spring likeapanther and DONOT give him a chance. Ho Kama WithonlyastrongpunchyouCANTTOUCH ME. Speed Is essential. Matsumura Move as if you have springs on the soles of your feet. Kafu Kojo Trainln movement so that you can AVOID any attack instantaneously. Nakaima Speed and accurate target placement are MORE important than power. Hsing-I Speed is ESSENTIAL. Chi Bana If attacked, a relaxed person moves more QUICKLY. R. Smith, Chinese boxing To make techniques effective speed Is most important. Yang Jwing-Ming

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