Personal Development, Character Education and a Sense of Belonging.

Leading Martial Arts School owner and Sixth Dan, Jon Jepson, together with his business partner, Tony Chatwin, are poised to revolutionise the way Martial Arts training is delivered. The industry leading syllabus that Jon Jepson has developed and refined focuses on devel oping children and their parents to be able to live better and more fulfilled lives as well as enjoying the physical benefits of Martial Arts. The key to it all are the techniques which integrate the key themes of Martial Arts with life coaching skills in order to draw out the Character building benefits that are not just demonstrated in the Dojo but are also taken home and used in everyday life.

Underpinning all of the Programmes are the six ethics of Character to which the physical elements all relate: Respect,

Trustworthiness, Responsibility. Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Instructors trained the Jon Jepson way are leading the industry with their techniques and are improving their own skills as a result. To achieve this consistency an Instructor must understand exactly what is expected of them and how to implement it. As Jon says We have perfected programmes which are unique and special and it is important that they are delivered to a consistently high standard. Therefore we have developed highly effective systems that fully support our Instructors but still leave room for them to develop their indi- vidual style These systems will be made available as part of the national roll out alongside the syllabus itself.

Inspired by this success, plans are being made to make available Nation-wide the syllabus and teaching methods perfected by Jon and his team.

He has interest from around the globe and is working closely with the number one business management franchise team within Europe to help make this happen. Jon and Tony have also been perfecting the commercial aspects of running their Schools. Martial Arts, personal and Character

Development is their passion but they also understand that for many people. Like them, it is their livelihood. Not only therefore do the schools deliver high customer and Instructor satisfaction but they also deliver fantastic financial results.

In fact the results are so good that industry leading accountants. Dennis & Turnbull say that. Jon has built a business model that delivers unparalleled profitability. The reason for this commercial success is simple to understand but has taken several years to perfect. Jon’s schools have systems that make them expert at creating interest and attracting people to visit the schools. Once they are there the majority are so impressed that they become members on the spot. Who cares wins is the motto of the school. And what is absolutely key is that after all this hard work they slay with the School for a long period due to the proven systems and techniques that Jon has developed.

To support the national expansion Tony Chatwin has worked closely with a leading software developer to create a world class membership management system that will rival anything that is available in the wider market of Sport & Leisure clubs. As Tony says, We will take the management of Martial Arts Schools to a new level with the software systems that we will soon be unveiling. These systems will provide our

Instructors with a level of control and support that will make them even more successful Jon is on a mission to change the world one kid at a time, and is always on the look out for dedicated people who really do want to make a difference, whilst making a living and he is not alone. Leading martial arts movie icon Jean Claude Van Damme says. It has been my pleasure to know Jon .lepson for quite some time now both on a personal and business level. He is an honest man as well as a true martial artist and one that we should all be proud to know. I have seen his students and watched them train in my seminars and they like he, are very well mannered and serious about their personal development. His personal development and character educational programmes for kids are forward thinking I totally support Jon’s work in the martial arts.

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