Ramp Up Your Metabolic Rate And Increase Muscular Fitness

Combined strength and cardiovascular training is a system of working out that is based on on a chain of activities (usually 3 or over) utilizing a number of parts of the body, with almost no rest between exercises (anything from 5-40 seconds generally), and an extended recovery time when you finish each circuit (anywhere up to 3 minutes), in accordance with the workout objectives). On top of building staying power and strength, the circuit can incorporate movements which have a high impact value, and thus possessing a beneficial effect on activities such as rugby and tennis. Make sure to stay hydrated, with plain water or an energy drink if you prefer, and sip during the rest intervals. This is extremely important for you to keep your heart rate up as you move through the circuit.

  • When your aim is to build strength, and maximise fat burning, you are better off doing your cardiovascular exercise circuits and strength circuits on their own, or for the very advanced and very conditioned trainees, a combination of heavy weight loads and cardiovascular exercises in the same workout.
  • Design your exercise routines so that you can insert chest, shoulders and back movements in between exercises for quads, buttocks and calves. It could be a problem to carry out lower body exercises one after the other, unless a resistance training exercise like the Overhead Squat is followed by an aerobic exercise, as that can actually enable your legs to recoup to some degree.
  • A popular pattern of exercises for an upper and lower body weightlifting circuit might be a combination of movements for upper and lower body muscles alternately (i.e. a set of smith machine squats, followed by a set of Floor Presses).

To build your leg muscles and hamstrings using the Kettlebell swing, and build up several other muscles try this particular workout:

  1. Barbell Box Squat
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. Close Grip Bent Over Row
  4. Kettlebell swing

It is simpler to get between exercises organize the circuit before training. As every movement trains the muscles in a different way, you can train at a fast tempo. This can help to increase the size of muscles and slim down. Little by little increase the load as you continue through the program. You don’t have to work to failure because you will fight to recoup from the workouts. Just the last couple of repetitions on the final round is ample.

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