Rest When You Get Home!

The Kettlebell swing is a superb exercise if you want to target the fast twitch fibres of the glutes and quadriceps. Perform it the right way, and your increased strength and size will spur you on. A circuit typically comprises a group of stations, laid out in some kind of sequence. A different sort of activity is prepared for each and every station. The value of this system is very much dependent on the creativity of the trainee. No matter what your training experience, it is possible to work out at your own pace, as circuit programmes usually employ a time frame for each and every activity as opposed to a fixed amount of reps. Circuit weight training will take minimal room and is therefore ideal for an exercise routine in your own home or in a health club.

  • Except when you do a circuits session at a work out center (i.e. in a group setting), there are not any set rules regarding how quickly you should train. I would suggest a 60:40 seconds work to rest rate for beginners, moving on to 80:20 for the advanced.
  • Implement movements that you would usually do using both sides of the body or both limbs, with only one. For instance, do a single arm standing arnold press, using alternate dumbbells, or do reverse lunges for the left and right legs one at a time.
  • To improve the intensity from this kind of program, a power circuit can be formulated. This can be done by incorporating movements from a weightlifting programme and performing them alternately with exercises originating from a calisthenics programme. For example, conduct a set of powerlifting squats where 8-12 repetitions can be carried out before failure. It’s very important you don’t reach failure. This is immediately followed by 6-15 reps of something like Bodyweight Walking Lunges.

Any individual movement may be merged with others to boost metabolic rate, develop lean muscle and improve fitness levels. You can actually improve your glutes and hamstrings and burn up fat by utilizing fast paced circuits. Here’s one good example:

  1. Weighted Squat
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. Lying Heel Touches
  4. Kettlebell swing
  5. Standing One Arm Cable Row
  6. One Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  7. Kettlebell swing
  8. One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl
  9. Kettlebell swing
  10. One Leg 45 Degree Calf Raise
  11. Kettlebell swing
  12. Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press
  13. Kettlebell swing
  14. Lying Cable Upright Row
  15. Kettlebell swing

As for recovery times, take approximately 15 seconds between movements. It is a great way of building your butt muscles, quads and hamstrings as well as building up the rest of your body parts and athletic ability. You should not train to muscular failure on all your exercises. Just the very last number of movements on the final round is more than enough.

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