San Shou

San Shou is definitely here to stay This is exciting Full Contact fighting at its best. No cage, no ropes, just a three feet high stage to be thrown from. Knock ‘em out or knock ‘em off is the game plan, with all throws allowed just for good measure. With a full house at the Broadway Theatre in Wu Tang International started the evening with a great display of Wu Shu techniques followed by three times World Champion Chris McNeash from the Peacock gym. An up and coming young group of Rappers, 57 Dynasty, supplied some great vocals to get everybody in the mood.

Techniques against the poor old instructors.

Top of the bill of spectators was the great Royce Gracie, thanks to Mark Walder who brought him over to open his only dojo in England. Royce was mobbed from the moment he arrived but and Win Chung, to mention but a few. It all added up to some seriously exciting bouts.

Well done to Rob Nutley of the Elite Fighting System with his second win after only one year training, you have to hand it to him, but unlucky for Chris

Barking, Essex this was a show not to have missed. The competition was fierce with fifteen well-matched fights, thanks to Barbara Antonioni, the San Shou promoter.

With demonstrations running throughout the night, this was a great evening’s entertainment.

Yet again, a top class demonstration from The Elite Fighting System caught the crowd with wicked tongue in cheek’ acts such as Eminem, Scream,

Full Monty and Tom Jones. Stealing the limelight from the boys was the Elite’s Charlie’s Angels executing some awesome and flamboyant still managed to enjoy the show and had time to sign autographs. (The man has got the patience of a saint.) Lincoln Bonie’s Brixton Vipers did extremely well and showing his skills off was Scott Yuell as usual. There were so many different disciplines in this event, Ju Jitsu, Mu Tai,

Kick Boxing, Cross training systems Cummins who nearly stole the British San Shou title, better luck next time.

San Shou is not a fight night, it’s a great evening’s entertainment. Barbara Antonioni is going from strength to strength, all the best in the future. Contact email: (

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