Study Tae Kwon Do

Achieve Your Belt Level at Your Own Rate in Your Own LI Tape A1 (60 minutes) WHITE BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Introduction to Tae Kwon Do: Basic Techniques. Attacks/Offensives. Blocks/Defensive.

Footwork. One Step Sparring.

J Tape A2 (60 minutes) WHITE BELT PROGRAM Part 2) Sparring Techniques: Kick iimifiH holding a choir. Forms. /’/’/¦’. WTF: Toe Geuk I fit’/’/-) II Jang-Keon.

J. ! Q Tape B (75 minutes) YELLOW BELT PROGRAM Commitment & Goal Yj ¦ ’ Setting: Basic Techniques. Blocks/Defensive. Attacks/Offensive. Combination Techniques. Footwork. Sparring, Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment.

Forms: TTF: Tan-Gun. WTF: Tae Geuk 2-Yi Jang – Tae. One Step Sparring.

J Tape C (60 minutes) ORANGE BELT PROGRAM Tae Kwon Do Aims to Achieve & TKD Pledge. Blocks/Defensive. Attacks/Offensive. Combination

Techniques. Footwork. Fighting Techniques. Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment: Forms: 1TF: Do San. WTF: lac Geuk 3-Sam Jang – Ri. One Step Sparring.

Q Tape D1 (45 minutes) GREEN BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Difference Between Sports and Martial Arts: Stances. Blocks/Defensive, Attacks/Offensive,

Combinations Techniques, Footwork. Fighting Techniques, Arrangement Sparring. ? Tape D2 (45 minutes) GREEN BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment. Forms, TTF: Won I ho. WTF: Tae Geuk 4-Sa Jang Jan. One Step Sparring.

J Tape E (70 minutes) BLUE BELT PROGRAM Benefits of Learning the Meaning of the Forms. Stances. Blocks/Defensive. Combination ‘Techniques.

Fighting Techniques. Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment. Forms: ITF: Yul Gok. WTF: Tae Geuk 5-Oh Jang Scon. One Step Sparring.

J Tape Ft (45 minutes) PURPLE BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Accessing Both YourMental & Physical

Progress Stances, Blocks/Defensive. Attacks/Offensive, Combination Techniaues. Footwork, Fighting Techniques. U Tape F2 (45 minutes) PURPLE

BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment. Forms: ITF: Joong Gun. WTF: Tae Geuk 6 – Yook Jang – Gam. One Step


Safe and Convenient, Now You Can Shop Online Click to Today! J Tape H1 (60 minutes) RED BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Blocks/Defensive. Attacks/Offensive, Combination ‘Techniques. Footwork. Fighting Techniques. 3 Tape H2 (60 minutes) RED BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) Arrangement Sparring. Falling. Jumping Shoulder Roll. One Step Sparring 21 to 25. Forms: ITF: Chung Mu. WTF: Koryo.

One Step Sparring.

Ll Tape 11 (45 minutes) 1st DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Accessing Both Your Mental & Physical Progress, Stances, Footwork, Fighting

Techniques. Arrangement Sparring. J Tape 12 (60 minutes) 1st DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) One Step Sparring Techniques 26 to 30. Forms:

ITF: Gwang-Gae,

Po-Eun, WTF: Geum-Gang, Tae-Baek.

J Tape J (60 minutes) 2nd DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM Basic Techniques. Fighting Techniques, Arrangement Sparring with Protective Equipment. Forms:

ITF: Ge-Baek, WTF: Pyeong-won. One Step Sparring J Tape K1 (45 minutes) 3rd DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Types of Stretching, Basic Techniques, Fighting Techniques, Arrangement Sparring.

J Tape K2 (45 minutes) 3rd DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) Self-defense techniques against mid-arm grab, choke hold, behind back, both hand grab, opposite wrist grab & head lock. Forms: ITF: Yoo-Sin. WTF: Sip-Jin. J Tape L (70 minutes) 4th DAN BLACK BELT PROGRAM The Four Fighting

Zones: Head-to-head. Arm-to-body. Arm-to-arm/arm-to-leg, No contact zone. Self-defense against a knife. Forms: ITF: Choong-Jang & Ul-Ji. WTF:

Ji-Tae. ? TAPE M1 (Part 1) (50 minutes) PALGUE POOMSE Forms: Poomsel to 4 J TAPE M2 (Part 2) (50 minutes) PALGUE POOMSE Forms: Poomse 5 to 8 J TAPE


Arrangement and Free Sparring from Yellow Belt to 4th Dan Black Belt.

J Tape G1 (60 minutes) BROWN BELT PROGRAM (Part 1) Basic Techniques, Stances. Blocks/Defensive. Attacks/Offensive. Combination ‘Techniques.

Footwork. Fighting Techniques. Arrangement Sparring. _l Tape G2 (60 minutes) BROWN BELT PROGRAM (Part 2) Falling. Forms: TTF: Tui Gye & Hwa

Rang. WTF: Tae Geuk 7-Chil Jang – Gan & Tae Geuk 8-Pal Jang-Gon. One Step Sparring.

Each form performed THREE times: Instruction with student following, Slow speed and normal speed by Grandmaster Cho.

ALL VIDEOS CONTAIN MUCH MORE THAN CAN BE Grandmaster Hee II Clio is by far one of the most experienced and knowledgeable martial artists of our time.

A fighter, scholar, innovator, master, philosopher – the Tae Kwon Do Prophet…! Martial Arts Illustrated 9th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Bell with over 40 years teaching experience and the leading voice in Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Hall of Fame

Black Belt Instructor of the Year Tae Kwon Do Times Hall of Fame Champion of over 30 National and International Open Competitions Special

Forces Instructor for Army units in India and Korea Producer of 70 martial arts instructional video tapes Author of 11 martial arts instructional books Promoter of over 4,000 black belts and leader of over 100 seminars worldwide Contributor to over 50 magazine cover features Appreared in the following films: Fight to Win. Best of the Best. Bloodsport II and Bloodsport III. ‘» P’Jclic.l T?n Kwon Do VIOBO Senas – ma. Philip Amerjj ‘’’¦ ¦ii«-.-, I:lc !;„„„ J>( Stwsrt Defame __-. Hee II Cho’s

INTRODUCING THE MASTER AMERIS COLLECTION Master Phillip Aniens, Clio’s senior student and 6th Degree Black Belt, is the AIM/XA technical director with 28 years of experience. He is the world’s most dynamic, innovative & comprehensive tactical fighter. His video series teach you to defend yourself in any fighting situation.

Q Tape O (60 minutes) Defensive Against A Grappler Defending against any grappler. Punches. Elbows. Kicks. Strategies. Techniques Performed on

Training Equipment. 3 Tape P (60 minutes) Grappling and Ground Fighting Choking Techniques. Devastating Leg Locks. Effective Arm Locks. Practical Throws and Take Downs. Defense Against the Mount and the Guard and much much more.’

J Tape Q (60 minutes) Practical Fighting Combinations Learn the 4 crucial zones of fighting. Offensive Techniques and Defensive ‘Techniques. ? Tape R (30 minutes) Practical Tae Kwon Do Street Defense This tape contains the defense for over 20 of the most common street attacks. This is a no nonsense approach to realistic street self-defense.



DVD A1 White Belt (Part I) DVD A2 White Belt (Part 2) DVD 4 I.T.F. Hyung (1-10) DVD 5 I.T.F. Hyung (11-20)

The Complete



White Belt Thru 3rd Dan Black -I Tape 17 OR ? Tape 41 (120 minutes) Promotional testing is an essential part of your training. The process of testing requires the student to demonstrate as best possible all the skills acquired while helping to develop the confidence to perform calm under pressure. This tape provides a preview of an actual testing held at the AIMAA World Headquarters. It includes students of all levels and will provide you with a guideline by example. A definite must for the Home Studv Student! Call to order (Limited time offer)

ONLY 49.95

Each DVD includes free shipping (Add $10.00 for shipping outside USA) Reauhr Price: $65.00 ea.

SPECIAL AD PRICE: 1 TAPE: $59.00 2 TAPES: $80.00 4 TAPES: $150.00 Shipping U.S.: $5.00

Each additional tape: $2.00 Foreign: $12.00 Each additional tape: $10.00 Send Orders and Make Checks Payable to: Grandmaster Hee ft trio’s Tae Kwon Do Center ‘ Koko Marina Shopping Center 7196 Kalanianaole Hwy.

Suite C-200

Honolulu, HI 96825 I (808) 396-8900 FX: (808) 396-0800 J Internet:

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