Sukonesongchai promotions

Sukonesongchai promotions put together a fight card featuring some of the worlds best female Muaythai fighters, in honour of the Queen of

Thailand’s birthday.

Aman Jitti gym vs Nongnee Sitkruu-at Aman from England started the fight very determined, coming forward and taking the fight to Nongnee. Nongnee kept a very tight defence though and showed good technique. Aman started to catch the kicks of Nongnee well and land with long knees. Aman kept pushing forward in round 2 punching well. Nongnee though was fighting a technical fight, moving well and scoring with stylish kicks. Every time Aman caught one of her kicks now, she would come in close and lock her arms around Aman’s neck and then drive in a long knee. Aman kept pushing forward for the rest of the fight but Nongnee kept up her stylish game plan and moved around the ring well, picking Aman off when she saw an opening. Nongnee Sitkruu-at winner on points.

Ganpor Sor Sapian gym vs Nicky Kaewsamrit Ganpor seemed intimidated from the start and played an in and out game of attack. Nicky from England, struggled a little bit to find her range at first but hurt Ganpor with a hard low kick at the end of the 1st. Ganpor continued playing a hit and run game in round 2, landing with a couple of roundkicks. Nicky keeps coming forward trying to get her range with punches. As Ganpor looks to come in on the attack again Nicky unleashes a sharp, fast, hard right cross that drops Ganpor to the canvas where she is unable to beat the count. Nicky winner K.O rd 2 Karla W.P.T gym vs Mayura Kiatpompop Both fighters went straight into action at the sound of the bell. Karla from England, landed with some strong punches, which rocked the head of Mayura back. Mayura fired in some low kicks and looked to take the fight into the clinch. Mayura kept coming forward in round 2 looking to take the fight into the clinch and use her knees. Karla though was having great success with her hands and making it very hard for the young Thai fighter to get in close. Mayura switched tactics in the 3rd and started to stay off and let Karla come to her and she started to get some good success with roundkicks to the body. Karla still looks to punch, but doesn’t get through with any clean hard shots this round. Mayura keeps on fighting from the outside in the final round, but seems to run out of steam a little. Karla keeps coming forward and scores with punches and knees. Karla winner on points Daoprasuk Sitchaichote vs Jantgrajang Palasarakham The main event was an all Thai affair and had the added attraction of 120,000 baht up for grabs for the winner from a bet between the two camps. Daoprasuk started the fight the more aggressive of the two, coming forward, looking to take the fight into the clinch. Jantgrajang looks to keep the fight on the outside and score with stylish roundkicks.

Jantgrajang continues scoring well in round 2.Towards the end of the round Daoprasuk gets her in the clinch and locks her arms around

Jantgrajang’swaist, Daoprasuk unleashes a big barrage of knees as Jantgrajang struggles to get out of her grip. Jantranjang manages to comeback with a few knees of her own only for Daoprasuk to spin her off balance to the canvas. Daoprasuk switched tactics in round 3 letting Jantgrajang bring the fight to her. Jantrajang now forced to come forward couldn’t find the range to land with her kicks and Daoprasuk pun-ished her with fast counter kicks. Jantgrajang was forced to push forward again in the final round, but Daoprasuk was too sharp, picking her off with kicks and then landing with another big bar-rage in the clinch. Daoprasuk winner on points.

Lukying Petchiyanon vs Lisa Jitti gym Lisa from England started the fight very strong and came forward right from the start. Lukying looked technically very sound and worked some good knees. Lisa looked the stronger of the two though. The 2nd round saw more of the same, with Lisa coming forward, taking the fight into the clinch. Lukying fired back well in the clinch but gradually Lisa started to wear her down. The fight carried on in the same vein for the final 2 rounds with Lisa coming forward landing with hard knees and Lukying slowing up more and more. Lisa winner on points.

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