Supercharge Testosterone Levels With Fast Paced Resistance Training Workouts

A standard feature in many an athletes strength and conditioning program, the Kettlebell swing is a superb multi-joint compound movement for firming the leg muscles and hamstrings and rear delts. It is a versatile exercise and may be employed to get bigger muscles and stimulate the gluteus maximus and thighs directly, or you can use it as an active recuperation movement employing lighter weights (within a circuit based power training program). Energy pathway resistance based circuit training is a popular way to generate more muscle mass, and improve your general conditioning, especially when you are pushed for time. You can do a quick twenty minute high impact session, or a lengthier 45-60 minute training session by simply repeating a sequence of actions 2-4 times. In addition to building weight-loss and strength, the circuit can incorporate activities that have a load bearing quality, therefore possessing a beneficial influence on bone strength. Assess if you intend to concentrate on aerobic fitness, muscular strength, stamina, or a variety of each.

  • Because the time expended on every station is short and hard going, the sheer effort of work causes a build up of lactic acid towards the end of the exercise routine. This contributes to a huge increase in human growth hormone and will cause elevated lipolysis.
  • Integrate dynamic effort to your moves. As an example, in preference to performing a dumbbell deadlift the way you normally would, with your feet not leaving the ground, you would use your entire body, thighs, hamstrings, torso etc., to jump up off your feet and into the air, return down again to the the set up position and go straight into the next rep.
  • If your home is too small, you will need to try to find an appropriate work out center. Always make sure it offers you a good range of free weights, cable machines (almost as good as free weights), and stretch bands etc.

If you want good looking quads, gluteus maximus and hamstrings, you’ll want to strip away the fat as well. This is a good example of metabolic resistance training using the Kettlebell swing to accomplish that:

  1. Smith Machine Lunge
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. One Arm Dumbbell Row
  4. Kettlebell swing
  5. One Arm Prone Hammer Dumbbell Curl
  6. Kettlebell swing
  7. Seated French Press
  8. Kettlebell swing
  9. Double Kettlebell Clean

You only need minimal rest in between all the activities. Usually merely the switching from one to the other is all you want. This can be a surperb way of building your quadriceps and hamstrings and also training the other body parts and athletic ability. If your principal goal is to improve the hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, use working sets in the 7-10 repetition range for the Kettlebell swing and 15-30 in the other movements. To get a full body muscle building exercise session, work with 5-10 repetitions on each movement and take considerably longer rests in between movements.

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