Motherwell Civic Centre, Scotland 18th June in Motherwell Civic Centre saw one of the most ambitious Promotions ever in Scotland. Caledonians Guy Ramsey came together with

Stevie Nisbet and Marie MacDonald from Sit Ayuthaya & Nai Jai camps to draw recourses and put on a super show. Drawing in fighters from the

USA, Europe, England and Ireland this was destined to be an outstanding evening of Thai boxing however, on top of that they negotiated 4

Scottish title fights and an under card as well. The show sanctioned by the Scottish Thai Boxing Association brought together some of the best

Scotland had to offer, despite a couple of early withdrawals they managed to put on a cracking show with 14 Thai Boxing fights and 1 MMA bout. A good crowd and excellent production coming from the sound lighting and smoke brought a fantastic atmosphere into the hall, as the parade of the main bouts entered the ring preceded by tartan warrior & ring card carrier Kevin Rooney, MC John Lamb was on hand to give the fighters the mega build ups that only he can do so well.

Fight 1 3×2

Steven Reynolds (Nai jai) vs Chris Home (Caledonian MT A cracking fight to begin with, 2 fairly novice fighters traded like for like in a fight that could have gone either way in the beginning. As the fight progressed, Home began to dominate and was rewarded with an 8 count in the final, which sewed up the fight for him. Winner Home Fight 2 5×2

Chris Shaw (Wossobama) vs Paul Grant (Sit Ayuthaya) Junior Scottish title -63kgs A cracking match pitting 2 of the best juniors in Scotland, Grant voted the most technical junior in Scotland, and Shaw who was narrowly beaten in a British title match earlier in the year. The first 2 rounds were dynamic, both fighters tasting the canvas in either round. Class, speed, and power in abundance, the third round was shaping up the same way when, breaking from the clinch Grant was winded. Despite coming back from the 8 count he had to retire on his stool after his left knee went in the dying seconds of the round from a cracking side knee from Shaw.

Fight 3 5×2

James Jarvie (Fighting Fit Scotland) vs Craig Jose (Sor Thanikul England) Jose took the early lead when he rocked Jarvie mid round with a left uppercut then caught him seconds later with an accidental knee to the face. The time given to recover gave Jarvie a new impetus, as he knew he was in against a dangerous opponent. He came back on fire, matching Jose with everything for the rest of the round. The second saw Jose fire into Jarvie pushing him back and into the ropes. Jarvie rallied and countered with low kick after low kick. Round 3 saw Jarvie dominate the fight, rocking Jose with a left then knocking him down with a knee to the Englishman’s right leg. The fourth saw Jarvie continue, throwing his opponent to the canvas 3 times, with the fifth leaving the judges in no doubt. Despite some spirited boxing from Jose, Jarvie took the last round and the fight convincingly.

Fight 4 3×2

Gordon Ross (Nai Khanom Tom Scotland) vs Mark De Luca (Nai Khanom Tom USA) First round started well for the American pushing his opponent back with boxing and kicks. Ross pulled back by drawing De Luca into long spells in the clinch which clearly suited him, a right body kick early on the second saw Ross on the canvas for an 8 count. Ross managed to weather the storm that was thrown at him for the rest of the second and returned to the ring in the third a changed man, the third round saw Ross returning to his earlier tactics of pulling

De Luca into the clinch for the majority of the round, while coming back stronger in the third it just wasn’t enough to sway the judges and the fight went to Mark De Luca

Fight 5 3×2

Eddie Lopez (GTBA) vs

Rab Weir (Nai Khanom Tom) Round 1 Lopez seemed marginally stronger working well in the clinch Weir boxed well in return and left Lopez with a bloody nose at the end of the round. 2nd round, despite a good start, Lopez was caught with a cracking right hook which rocked him, Weir capitalised on this and it seemed by the end of the round Lopez was 1 cross short of an count, returning to his corner his nose was found to be bleeding profusely and he was retired on the stool.

Fight 6

Dougie Clarke (Fighting Fit) vs Brian Wands (Nai Jai) thing that got him through the first round as Wands threw himself into the fight with such ferociousness that it seemed an early bath was on the cards. Clarke came back into the fight in the second as Wands began to tire and by the end of the third was running on an empty tank, a close fight but the decision in the blue corner to Dougie Clarke.

Fight 7 5×2

Stacy Butler (Nai Jai) vs Trish Carson (Caledonian MT) Scottish title fight -54 Kgs The fight started of pretty even, both girls trading well; Butler hit the canvas at the end of the first when Carson kicked her legs away in the clinch The second round saw Carson begin to take over, pushing Butler’s head back in the clinch, which made Butler struggle to get any meaningful work in. Round 3 and Carson was pushing Butler back again this time with right crosses which caught Butler all too often and seemed to sap her confidence. Carson kept up the pace in the final 2 rounds forcing Butler to dance away from her continually only to pin her again by the end of the 5th. There was no doubt who the

Champ was. Trish Carson.

Fight 8 5×3 full Muay Thai rules Andrew O’Brien (Caledonian MT Scotland) vs Peter Tiarkis (Sor Thanikul Englnd)

Rndlwas fought mostly in grapple with Tiarkis slightly better with power in the knees to the body. The second saw much the same with O’Brien coping well and coming back into the fight only for Tiarkis to catch him with a knee to the head leaving a gash which the corners were unable to stem leaving him to be retired on his stool at the end of the 2nd Win Tiarkis Fight 9 3×2

Andreas Koostraas (Akdenis Gym Holland) vs Gordon Smith (Caledonian MT Scotland) Fairly evenly match to begin with both fighters catching each other with strong leg kicks. Round 2 saw Smith pick up the pace; early on he pounded Koostraas into his own corner with a barrage of kicks. Koostraas replied with a volley of punches all of which failed to land as Smith danced neatly away, the rest of the round was spent with Smith attacking and Koostraas on the defence. The last round saw Smith dominate without much reply from the Dutchman and was picking him off with short hand combo’s finishing off with some cracking high kicks. Winner Smith Fight 10 5×2

Johnathon Watt (Caledonian MT) vs John Dick (GTBA)

STBA Scottish title -57kg Watt seemed more relaxed as he took the first round, a little stronger in the grapple and flooring Dick with a short leading leg teep, the fight was turning to Dick’s favour in the second round catching Watt with low- high round kick combo’s. Watt answered by pulling Dick into the grapple, which Dick seemed to settle into, and both fighters were match-ing each other knee for knee. The third round saw Watt changing his tactics, dancing away from Dick then flying in with flourishes of punches finishing with a low kick before slipping away again. The fourth round saw both fighters throwing everything they had at each other. Excitement from start to finish, Watt connected with a backfist only to find himself on the canvas 15 seconds later after a barrage of knees from Dick. The fifth round left both fighters with everything to play for, control of the fight switched between the 2 fighters. Watt’s backfist failed him this time but he made up for it with his knees. At the end it was down to the judges, the decision in the red corner, Jonathon Watt.

And another 8 count. Still rocked from the blow, Whitelaw went back down for the final count in the second round, a stunning victory for the


Fight 12 5×2

Graeme Ness (Fighting Fit Scotland) vs Stephen Strotmeyer (Sit Dragon Leg USA) First round saw sharp work from both fighters, Strotmeyer failed to take advantage when he twice caught Ness’ leg, and allowed the Scot to determine the pace. Round 2 found the American on the canvas early on thanks to a low kick from Ness. Firing straight back into the melee, Strotmeyer teeped Ness into the ropes. The pace picked up and Strotmeyer again hit the canvas after Ness took his legs with a low kick in the grapple. The ref stopped the fight while the doc checked a cut on Strotmeyer’s chin. As the fight resumed, Ness found himself on the canvas this time courtesy of a teep from the American. The round finished shortly after with a crunching uppercut right on the bell from Ness. Round 3 and both fighters are fired up throwing kicks from all angles and landing with most of them, Ness threw a right cross out of the blue and caught Strotmeyer across the right eye knocking the American down for the last time. Winner Ness Fight 14 5×2

Louise McLaughlin (Sit Ayuthaya) vs Michele Ness (Fighting fit) STBA Scottish title -67

This fight started off well with Ness on the attack with kicks and McLaughlin stepping out of range and countering with good boxing combo’s the end of the round had them pretty even on the scorecards, round 2 started off much the same when tragedy struck for McLaughlin, a stumble early on dam-aged her right foot forcing her to change her earlier tactics, Ness quickly picked up on this and worked McLaughlin with kicks keeping her out of her now necessary boxing range.

Rnds 3,4,5 followed with much the same, Ness attacking with low to mid kicks and McLaughlin fighting back with her boxing, a close fight nonetheless it went to the judges, and the winner in the blue corner, Michelle Ness.

Stevie, Marie and Guy would
like to thank all who helped and took part on the day, especially the STBA for sanctioning and all the fighters and coaches and officials who were unbelievably professional making the show go without a hitch.

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