TAEKWONDO INSTRUCTORS DREAMS COME TRUE! Grandmaster Al Smith Hunstville, Alabama The USCDKA has made it possible to have my dream school by teaching me innovative business principles. The Association has given me the opportunity to make Grand-master rank and 8th Degree Black Belt, with credentials that are impeccable. Master Marvin Dickerson, Omaha, NE I’ve been a USCDKA member since 1997 and now have one of the largest martial art schools in Nebraska. Professor Frank Loureda

Miami, Florida Recently, I moved my school to a new and much larger location. I credit our Grandmasters for inspiring me and truly caring for my pro- fessional and per-sonal life. My

Master Manny Sosa,

Bloomington , IL My fellow Instructors…! have reached my career dream! I give credit and thanks to my affiliation with the USCDKA and its two knowledgeable and inspirational leaders and mentors! Our new facility is 17,000 square feet and we are making plans for further expansion! twenty years of loyalty to our association has paid off and I am excited for my future as a USCDKA family member!

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