TAO speedball

TAO speedball platform Set Height adjustable, complete with Fitting, swivel, PU ball, PVC Speed rope & handwraps. £44.99 THAISMAI leather thai pads. Made in Thailand, which means legendary quality and made to last, velcro straps for quick on-off, in Red or Black £64.99pr TAO club floor to ceiling ball.

Top quality leather ball complete with rubber & leather straps. Black £27.99 Century wristwrap gloves. Tan or Black

M. L, XL. £44.99pr

VIPSS jaw ‘rotector approved by AIBA & VBA ‘promotes ireathing through riouth while clenching, nhancing strength and ndurance ‘Locks jaw in down and forward losition tha t creates a ladding between bones if the jaw joint and iase of the skull All olours «One size fits all NEW £19.99

TAO Deluxe Coach Spar, A combo of sparring glove & focus mitt all in one! £34.99pr TAO Rapid Body Guard.

New lightweight material designed for agility and maximum protection. £39.99 TAO pre-curved hook & jabs. New design pads in leather, using high density EVA foam. £27.99pr TAO speed hook & jabs, glove type fitting & velcro wrist strap. £16.99pr

FAIRTEX super safety

Spar guard. In top quality leather, velcro fastening ideal for full contact sparring, One size in Black, Blue or Red. NEW £64.99

ADIDAS pro-tactic wrestling boots Laced and velcro fastening, superb mid length LW boot. Black size 6-13 UK.

NEW £49.99pr

TAO punch bags in all shape & sizes. 3Ft Angle – £44.99 4ft Angle – £59.99 3ft PU – £26.99 4ft PU – £29.99 5ft PU – £34.99 6ft PU – £34.99 4ft Professiona Hide Leather-£110

TWINS sparring gloves. Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow 10oz-£46.99 12oz – £47.99 14oz – £48.99 16oz-£49.99 GRACIE jiu jitsu suits, from

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL Made by Machado, these suits are the real deal! Triple stitched design made to last, if grappling \ is your art, don’t settle for anything less. The Champion’s Choice

White. Size 160-190cm – £99 GRACIE ° GRKffi

GRACIE vale tudo shorts in Plain Black or BlackA/Vhite. Size M, L £24.99pr TAO Grappling

BRUTE Max-Lite ear guard USA )model, suitable for grappling arts. £29.99 VIDEOS froi amrock on

Kent’s new JKD vols. £24.99ea plus £2 p&p. Call for lastest releases.

Dummy. Contructed of US Military Spec 1000 denier cordura, triple stitched, this dummy will give you realistic training needs. Weights approx 55kg(110lbs), made exclusively for TAO, you will not find anything like this elsewhere! Col: Green NEW £395

Anatomy of a Streetfight by Paul Vunak.

NEW£12.99(£2p&p) (p&p £11.90) HOW TO ORDER

Telephone with credit card or send cheque, postal NEW BA;

DESIGN, M<9 ROBUST Af RELIABLE! Order or cash to: TAO SPORTS LTD 523 Green Lanes, LONDON, N4 1AN UK. Please made payable to ‘TAO SPORTS LTD’. Please allow 14 days delay for cheque order.P&P £6.99 per parcel unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to change specification.

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