The Welsh Indoor Athletics Centre was the venue for the 1st International Tang Soo Do Federation European

Championship. Participants from all over Europe together with guest teams from the USA and Mexico arriving to take part in the event sponsored by the ITF UK Federation. The Championship proper started on the Saturday however, for Chief Instructor Master Wynford William, the event started on Thursday evening with the arrival of the guests, some of whom had travelled over 40 hours by coach to take part.

Treorchy Do Jang run by Master John Trudgill hosted the first event on the Friday evening; here Choong Jae Nim Master C S Kim president and founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation tested students. Master C S Kim adopted the title of Choong Jae Nim, meaning head of a group of Tang Soo Do organisations, rather than Kwang Jang Nim (Grand Master) out of respect for his instructor Grand Master Song Ki Kim. It is now tradition in the ITF Federation that there is only ever one San Bom Nim in the Do Jang, that being the person of the highest rank. All other ranks being acknowledged and greeted by their individual rank rather than their title, for example Sah dan or Master rather than Sah Bom Nim or Kyo Sah Nim.

The testing started at 6.00 p.m. The panel consisted of Choong Jae Nim C S Kim, Master Williams (Chief Instructor UK and Europe), Master

Thomas, Master Gregor (USA) Master Trudgill, Master R Hellings, Master C Hellings. Master Toledo (Mexico). 24 students had applied for the test, including Master Thomas and Master R Hellings, who were testing for their 6th and 5th dan together with Mrs Sian Humphries who would be the first lady to achieve the rank of 4th Dan in the UK federation. The testing finished some 6 hours later just after midnight but the 24 students involved in the testing, together with parents and supporters, did not seem to realise just how the time had gone. The following morning started at 6.00 a.m. With the ITF UK Masters setting up the Athletics Centre in the University of Cardiff, in preparation for the

Championship. When all was finished the students greeted Choong Jae Nim C S Kim, the ranks of students parted to create a path lined by the many black belts, following Choong Jae Nim C S Kim were the master instructors and representatives of the visiting countries.

The opening ceremony followed. Master Williams welcomed all students’ instructors and parents, Master Toledo providing a Spanish translation for non English speaking students. Choong Jae Nim C S Kim said he was so proud to be invited to this first European champi-onship, in the many years he has visited the United Kingdom he could only hope that such an event could happen. He thanked all the UK Instructors and Masters for working so hard to make the championship a reality. Following the opening speeches, overseas guests and instructors were presented with plaques of appreciation for their support of the championship.

The championship started with the Hyung/Forms competition, eight rings of competitors working hard showing off their best technique giving every effort to win that elusive Champion of Europe medal. This was followed by the Weapons Hyung and Team Hyung Championship where every country had a team of 3 students who had to perform their Hyung of choice the criteria being not only that it be done correctly but also that there should be total synchronisation. The Wales team won the European Cup performing Pahl Che Dae but the standard was so high only 0.3 of a mark separated first from second with there being a joint third.

Prior to the start of the Sparring sec-tion of the Championship, UK and USA Masters put on self defence and breaking demonstrations, with

Master Marion Gregor from the USA top lining, concrete slabs on her chest being broken with a sledge hammer whilst laying on a bed of broken glass. We believe this is the first time a lady martial artist has attempted this in this country. The sparring section followed on quickly and again 8 rings sprang back into life once again every participant in search of that elusive first European medal.

A feature of the day was the commit-ment of the referees and judges who worked tirelessly making sure that cate-gories were controlled, safe and unbiased whilst at the same time ensuring that the tight schedule to which everyone was working was being achieved-well almost.

The championship finished and, taking stock, everyone said that it had been a good day, with one of the highlights being the almost non existence of injured students, a tribute to the judges and referees who worked hard to not only make sure that the competition was fair but also the students were as safe as possible.

Throughout the day Choong Jae Nim circulated amongst students and parents encouraging, signing autographs, Do Boks, in fact almost anything that could be signed was signed. Many parents were totally impressed that such a high ranking person had such a humble attitude and took the time to meet and talk with them and this was one of their lasting impressions. The following day, Sunday, was not a day of rest, once again an early start for the organisers as they prepared for Seminar Day.

It was planned that each section relating to the differing ranks, would last no more than an hour and that the event would finish around 5.00 p.m. Allowing for a lunch break. The organisers had not reckoned on Choong Jae Nim and his drive to impart knowledge and technique, every seminar for every rank began with a discussion on the philosophy and etiquette of Tang Soo Do.

His theme for the day was Kick and Punch are important but not as important as respect and discipline in all aspects of our lives.

Possibly this part of the seminar was lost on the younger element but you would not have perceived it as there was a decided lack of fidgeting and movement as Choong Jae Nim spoke, usually a sign that you are losing your audience, however if there were those who did not understand the philosophy then when it came to the practical they were straight back on song. Summarising comments that were expressed, it seemed that in the main that students could not believe how techniques they had practised for so long and which they though they understood perfectly could somehow be given new life and new meaning. Hearing these comments from their students the UK Masters smiled because this is exactly what they experience when they practice with their Instructor Choong Jae Nim C S Kim. It gave them immense pleasure to bring to their students the opportunity to practice with and learn from not only a Master of his Art but also a caring sharing human being who despite his rank always has the time and patience to listen to every student regardless of their rank and any parent regardless of their needs. We are very fortunate to have as our Choong Jae Nim master C S Kim. At his rank and his seniority in years and standing it is unusual to see a person pull on the Do Bok and work out on the Do Jang floor. He is a living example of all that our art of Tang Soo Do purports to be, he talks the talk and walks the walk.

Thank you Choong Jae Nim for being my instructor and for supporting all of your students here in Europe

Tang Soo

Master W Williams

Chief Instructor UK and Europe RESULTS


Junior Boys 8yrs & Under: 10th Gup 1st Liam O’conner 2nd Joshua Hughes 3rd Joshua Winter Junior Boys 8yrs & Under: 9th Gup 1st Tyler Morris 2nd Dominic Taylor 3rd Lewis Mogg Junior Boys 8yrs & Under: 8th/7th Gup 1st Morgan Allen 2nd Sean Bridge 3rd Jarrad Thomas Junior Boys 8yrs & Under: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Daniel Kinsey 2nd Andreio Scaccia 3rd Daniel Augusto Junior Boys 9/11yrs: 10th/9th Gup 1st Kurtis Mills 2nd Josha Emment 3rd Rhys Hughes Junior Boys 9/11yrs: 8th/7th Gup 1st

Nathan Allen 2nd Peter Todorov 3rd Jordan Thomas Junior Boys 9/11yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Shaun Roberts 2nd Scott Davies 3rd Joseph Morris Junior Boys 9/11yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Daniel Husband 2nd Joshua Howells 3rd Tomos Hopkins Junior Boys 10/15yrs: Dan Grade 1st Adam Hawkins 2nd leuan Wilding 3rd Liam Derrick

Junior Boys 12/16yrs: 10th/9th Gup 1st Nickolas Slater 2nd Robert Matthews 3rd Kyle Ellis Junior Boys 12/16yrs: 8th/7th Gup 1st Renato Santos 2nd Joao Gomez 3rd Daniel Ferreira Junior Boys 12/16yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Christopher Price 2nd Darryl Collier 3rd Gregory Powell Junior Boys 12/16yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Ricardo Vicente 2nd Flavio Raimundo 3rd Rui Vicente Junior Girls 10yrs & Under: 10th/9th Gup 1st Rafaela Marreiros 2nd Eleanor Rees 3rd Shannan Edwards Junior Girls 10yrs & Under: 8th/7th Gup 1st Martha Coleman 2nd Laura Collier 3rd Sophie Davies Junior Girls 10yrs & Under: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Chloe Rees 2nd Hayley Davies 3rd Sioned Harris Junior Girls 10yrs & Under: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Emily Kinsey 2nd
Shannon Hicks 3rd Jodie Morgan Junior Girls 11/16yrs: 10th/9th Gup 1st Katie Franklin 2nd Sara Marreiros 3rd Jessica Ellis Junior Girls 11/16yrs: 8th/7th Gup 1st Ines Braz 2nd Hannah Todorov 3rd Sophie Scorey

Junior Girls 11/16yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Natacha Raimundo 2nd Hannah Franklin 3rd Cerys Thomas Junior Girls 11/16yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Stephanie Eynon 2nd Bethan Hopkins 3rd Sadie Thomas Junior Girls 14/16yrs: Dan Grade 1st Alex Rees 2nd Samantha Harris 3rd Rebecca Cooper

Adult Women (17yrs>): 10th/9th Gup 1st Stephanie Goodall 2nd Hannah Bevan 3rd Elsa Cipiriano Adult Women (17yrs>): 8th – 4th Gup 1st Mari Sibley 2nd Carla Ferreira 3rd Leanne Jones Adult Women (17yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Helena Bento 2nd Claire Mcmillen 3rd Ana Patricia Vinagre Adult Women (17yrs>): Dan Grade 1st Ana Cristina Augusto 2nd Helen Jones 3rd Sian Humphries Adult Men (17yrs>): 10th/9th Gup 1st Joao Barros 2nd Phil Ganderton 3rd David Rattray Adult Men (17yrs>): 8th/7th Gup 1st Robert Hulonce 2nd Jonathan Bayliss 3rd Martin Myers Adult Men (17yrs>): 6th – 4th Gup 1st Christopher Rees 2nd Leigh Rees 3rd Armando Serra Adult Men (17yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Nelson Bicho 2nd Pedro Marques 3rd Simon Kinsey Adult Men (16yrs>): 1st Dan 1st Quinatzin Alba 2nd Aaron Nicholas 3rd Keith Husband Adult Men (16yrs>): 2nd & 3rd Dan 1st Scott Richards 2nd Rolando Leon 3rd Michael Butler WEAPONS FORMS Junior Boys 16yrs & Under: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Rui Vicente 2nd Jamie Evans 3rd Ricardo Vicente Junior Boys 16yrs & Under: Dan Grade 1st Scott Richards 2nd Adam Hawkins 3rd Karl Weston Junior Girls 16yrs & Under: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Emily Kinsey 2nd Stephanie Eynon 3rd Sarah Waegerle Junior Girls 16yrs & Under: Dan Grade 1st Rebecca Cooper 2nd Samantha Harris 3rd Heidi Salles Adult Women (17yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Helena Bento 2nd Siliva Cristovao 3rd Clare Mcmillen Adult Women (17yrs>): Dan Grade 1st Sian Humphries 2nd Helen Jones 3rd Ana Cristina Augusto Adult Men (17yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Nelson Bicho 2nd Gavin Shepherd 3rd Derrick Thomas Adult Men (17yrs>): Dan Grade 1st Aaron Nicholas 2nd Richard Weston 3rd Michael Butler SPARRING

Junior Boys 7yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Aaron Clarke 2nd Morgan Allen Dominic Taylor Junior Boys 8/9yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Curtis Williams 2nd Keiron Bairstow 3rd Rhys Hughes Junior Boys 8/9yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Andreio Scaccia 2nd Daniel Kinsey 3rd Aled Hopkins Junior Boys 10/11yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Jack Lewis-horsell 2nd Niall Jones 3rd Jordan Thomas Junior Boys 10/11yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Scott Davies 2nd Shaun Roberts 3rd Dioga Serra Junior Boys 10/11yrs: 3rd Gup – 1st Dan 1st Liam Derrick 2nd Daniel Kinsey 3rd Kian Watson Junior Boys 12/14yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Gavin Lewis 2nd Robert Matthews 3rd Eduardo Ferreira Junior Boys 12/14yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Gregory Powell 2nd Christopher Price 3rd Darryl Collier Junior Boys 12/14yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Michael Wilding 2nd James Morris 3rd Joshua Wile Junior Boys 12/14yrs: Dan Grade 1st Adam Hawkins 2nd leuan Blackwell 3rd Karl Weston Junior Boys 15/17yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Adam Jones 2nd Jonathan Matthews 3rd Dioga Jesus

Junior Boys 15/17yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Thomas Queenan 2nd Gavin Shepherd 3rd Ricardo Vicente Junior Girls 7yrs & Under: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Sophie Davies 2nd Martha Coleman 3rd Shannan Edwards Junior Girls 8/9yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Jamie Leigh-pyne 2nd Laura Evans 3rd Isabelle Davies Junior Girls 7/9yrs: 6th – 3rd Gup 1st Sioned Harris 2nd Chloe Rees 3rd Megan Husband Junior Girls 10/12yrs: 10th – 7th Gup 1st Cara Fraser 2nd Amy Jones 3rd Ffion Clarke Junior Girls 10/12yrs: 6th – 4th Gup 1st Hayley Davies 2nd Cerys Thomas 3rd Charlotte Hulonce Junior Girls 10/12yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Shannon Hicks 2nd Emily Kinsey 3rd Emily Trudgill Junior Girls 13/16yrs: 10th – 4th Gup 1st Natacha Raimundo 2nd Ines Braz 3rd Hannah Franklin Junior Girls 13/16yrs: 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Sarah Waegerle 2nd Bethan Hopkins 3rd Stephanie Eynon Junior Girls 13/16yrs: Dan Grade Alex 1st Rees 2nd Samanatha Harris 3rd Heidi Salles Adult Women (17yrs>): 10th – 7th Gup 1st Stephanie Goodall 2nd Gillian Roberts 3rd Kelly Mclean Adult Women (17yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Alison Davies 2nd Silivia Cristovao 3rd Claire Davies Adult Women (17yrs>): Dan Grade 1st Helen Jones 2nd Luz Maria Teran 3rd Anette Salles Adult Men (18yrs>): 10th – 7th Gup 1st Jonathan Bayliss 2nd Phil Ganderton 3rd Alun Williams Adult Men (18yrs>): 6th – 4th Gup 1st Leigh Rees 2nd Robert Price 3rd Andrew Nash Adult Men (18yrs>): 3rd – 1st Gup 1st Nelson Bicho 2nd Pedro Marques 3rd Simon Kinsey Adult Men 18/34yrs: Dan Grade 1st Scott Richards 2nd Richard Chapman 3rd Antonio Matias Adult Men 35yrs+ : Dan Grade 1st Abilio Augusto 2nd John Derrick 3rd Simon Blackwell

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