The Dangers Of Steroid Use in MMA

by Stephen “the Body” Jones

steroid use in mma

For the MMA fighter, steroids present several dangers that are unique to combat sports. First of all, they raise your blood pressure and make you easier to knock out. Secondly, they can get you banned from any serious division e.g. the UFC. The dangers of steroid use are numerous but many people are unaware of them. If not prescribed by a licensed doctor, steroids are dangerous and can cause a host of medical problems with permanent consequences. Anabolic steroids are artificial versions of testosterone (a male hormone). They can be administered by injection or taken orally.

Steroids are used to develop muscle mass and many athletes and body-builders use them. They are especially dangerous when used by teenagers because they can disrupt normal growth. Abnormal bone aging can occur or, in contrast, growth may be stunted. These are both caused by an imbalance of hormones.

When injecting steroids with an unsterile or dirty needle, you are prone to contracting a variety of blood borne illnesses like HIV. If your body is constantly fed synthetic testosterone, it will eventually stop making its own supply. This can cause a man’s testicles to shrink.

Steroids are equally dangerous for women because the female body also produces testosterone. Women and men may suffer with premature balding or even the growth of unwanted hair on other parts of the body. Women are prone to a number of reproductive complications. The menstrual cycle can become irregular and, in many instances, it totally ceases. If this happens, a woman will not be able to become pregnant.

You can also develop serious liver related complications if you use steroids. Some include cysts, tumors, liver toxicity, hepatitis, and water retention. Your liver could be in danger of failure which may be fatal. Typical symptoms of liver damage include persistent stomach pain, jaundice (yellowing) of the eyes or skin, dark urine, and fatigue.

This article has highlighted just some of the dangers of steroid use. Anyone who is using steroids to improve sporting ability or build body mass should take this information seriously. There is no easy way to become a winning athlete. It takes plenty of hard work and living a healthy lifestyle.

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