The Lord of Shock

FINALLYIA video is now available that explains Bruce Lees art, by someone who was there In the beginning. Patrick Strong trained with Bruce Lee from 1960 to 1966 while Bruce lived In Seattle, Washington In this video you will leam how Bruce could freeze an opponent while attacking his nervous system. He was able to use surgical precision and deep penetrating shock force to break down an opponent’s natural protection systems. Learn about disruption, deep hitting, special foot work and freezing time…plus much more thai Patrick learned right from Bruce Lee himself. No more second hand Information-get it straight the way It was taught to the first generation students. All the student of Bruce Lee’s art will want this tape, as well as the other two In the series, that explains why Bruce Lee was possibly the most accomplished martial artist of the millennium. Colour Approx 30 mln. CODE R-6 The Lord of Power One of Brice Lee’s first generation students, Patrick Strong now reveals- for the first time on video-many of the actual principles he learned directly from Bruce, that created such awesome power. Bruce Leo (135lbs) was known to be able to hit like an 1801b. Man, and as Patrick 6ays, ‘I have been hit by Bruce’s hand and his power was absolutely devastating.’ He structured a complex training method designed to greatly enhance his muscle and nervous systems to elevate his already tremendous speed and power to oven greater heights.

In this video, Patrick tells many of his own personal stories to the ‘Little Dragon’ and how he believes Bruce took his keen understanding of martial kinesiology and a unique set of principles gained from his Wing Chun Gung Fu to develop his art. This tape Is a must for all students of Bruce Lees art and one that fills in the pieces by someone who was actually there In the beginning. Colour Approx 30 mln CODE R-5

The Lord of Speed For the first lime on video, Patrick Strong reveals the secrets he personally learned from Bruce Lee between 1960 and 1966, when he was training under Bruce In Seattle, Washington, at Bruce’s first school. You will also discover, first hand many personal slortes and conversation of Bruce’s that he told directly to Patrick, both In and out of classes with the ‘little dragon’Durlng this video, you will be able to learn why Bruce Lee had such absolutely amazing speed. His principle of non-Intention Is only one of the secrets. You will also leam several of Bruce’s personal speed drills. This Is the first tape of a series of three offered by Partrick Strong, a martial artist present at the beginning of the Bruce Lee era. Bruce’s principles, mechanics and psychology are now revealed for the first time on video, for all to leam

Colour Approx 60 mln CODE R-4 Bruce Lee Master Of The Inner Game Patrick Strong trained with Bruce Lee In those early days In Seattle Washington when Bruce first came to America In this tape you will see and leam how to gain and maintain control of your opponent once you are on the inside Patrick’s 1 & 3 punch make you a believer and better yet you will also leam the first form that Bruce taught his students, the Sll Lum Tao from Wing Chun.Patrlck’s speed is truly amazing and he will show you how to develop the blinding speed that Bruce Lee had. Colour Approx 58min.CODE R-13 ull speed and at learning speed. All forms are performed In the traditional oklnawan format and can be learned In this easy to follow video.

Master Ota also demonstrates all basic karate techniques that make up the katas of the shorln ryu style. This one tape teaches all the katas from beginners to master ColourApprox 30 mlns CODEVR-2 MUST HAVE INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLERS _3 Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

Now for the first time on video! Sun Tzu -the art of war as Interpreted by noted martial arts authority and historian George. W. Alexander, Ph.

D. Sun Tzu (C.350B.C) was a specialist in warfare. His definitive guide to strategy, the art of war, was the worlds first military classic. It

Is still considered unparallel In the annals of military strategies. Sun Tzu tells us the supreme art of war Is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’ Or. Alexenander has taken this classic Chinese text and Interpreted It for everyday life in our modern era. He gives practical examples of Sun Tzu’s philosophy as applicable to personal relationships and the world of buslness-Additlonally. This presentation takes this classic military text on strategy and applies it to modem martial arts and self-defence. In this video you will learn why this classic Chinese text has stood the test of time and is considered an unparallel work on military strategy.Get the companion video on strategy’ Go Rln No Sho- a book on five rings’ by MlyamotoMushashi.Colour Approx 57 min CODE R1S Miyamoto Mushashl’s The book of Five Rings Go Rln No Sho Now for the first time on videollGo Rln No Sho A book of Five Rings Miyamoto Mushashl, Japan’s greatest samurai swords-man, as Interpreted by noted martial arts authority and historian George. W. Alexander, Ph. D Mushashl, who lived during the 16th and 17th centuries In medieval Japan and fought 60 duals during his lifetime but was never defeated, two years before his death he retired to a cave In Kyushu, Japan and wrote his classic text ‘a book of five rings’. In this book he explains his way of strategy.

The book was intended as a guide to strategy tor the swordsman but it has become a source of enlightenment for the philosopher and the modem businessman. Mushashi tells us ‘stratogy Is the class of the warrior. Dr. Alexander has taken this classic Chinese text and interpreted It for everyday life In our modem era. He gives practical examples of Mushashl’s philosophy as applicable to personal relationships and the world of business. Additionally, this video takes this classic text on strategy and applies it to modem martial arts and self-defence. In this video you will learn why this classic Chinese text has stood the test of time and is considered one of the worlds leading books on military strategy.Colour Approx 57 mlns CODBR16

Secrets of the Bublshl The secrets ot the Bublshl revealed for the first time on video! Shrouded in mystery, the bublshi – Martial Art Spirit la the secret karate text of the Oklnawan masters. This book inspired the modern developers of karate such as Cho un Mlyagl, the founder of

Gou Ryu Karate. Kenwa Mabunl, the founder of Shlto Ryu Karate, and Gtohln Funakoshl, the founder of shotokan karate. Guarded for centuries this mystical book was completed translated into English by Master George Alexander and Sensl Ken Penland. Now it is available on video for the first time and with all the techniques fully explained!!! It Includes the history of the white crane system, the secret the dim mak, meridian theory and Chinese acupuncture, pressure points, set up and multiple strikes, hakutsuru-whlte crane fighting techniques, knockout techniques, and explanation and demonstration of the forty-eight essential self defense application, Chinese cures for martial arts Injuries resuscitation techniques and much more.CO0£ M19 Colour Approx 55 min CODE V19.

The Cat Gpgen Yamaguchl. 10- Dun Go/u Ryu Karate This historic video Is a documentary on Gogan Wama Guchl, Hanshi tenth dan and founder of

Japanease Goju Ryu Karate and the rise of the Goju Kal. It Includes the biography of Yama Guchi Sensai detailing his We in Karate Do, an instructional portion featuring the Kicking, punching and blocking techniques of Japanese goju. The best illustration of the Gou kata Sanchln.

Tensho. Saifa. Sansei-Ryu, Shlshlsochln, Seienchin, Selsan, Seipai, Kururunfa, Suparenpei. It also includes rare footage of Yamaguchl Sensal’s training camp, which Includes his outdoor training and waterfall meditation breaking techniques, kata and Kumlte. The tape contains Yamagujl

Sensal’s famous Selshln Renshu Spirit Training and waterfall meditation on Mount Karuma In Japan. This tape Includes YamaguJI Sensal’s funeral and a special demonstration ot the Goju Kal Hakutsuru or White crane kata demonstrated by Goshi Yamagujchl sensel’s youngest son. A must tor the serious martial arts collector..CODE Y110 Bfi5SlPeneraMng_ the Fortress This video on the Bassl Kata Is extremely well done and is performed by Master Technician Louis Estes, who Is renowned as a kata preclslonlst. You will learn the three versions of this beautiful kata Bassl Dal, Tomari Bassi and Bassal ShoBassI, translated mean ‘Penetrating The Fortress and on this video you will learn both classical and creative bunkal (or this form.We are sure you will be pleased that you have added this video lo your library and whether you’re a beginner, advanced student or an instructor, we are positive you will learn a great deal, especially the self defence techniques that he has drawn out of this kata. Bassl is defiantly one of the most beautiful kata in karate. Colour Approx 60mln .CODE N1 Go/u-Ryu Karate-Do Karate- Do Chojun Mlyagl Is the last person to receive the title of Bushl (warrior) from the Japanese Government. Mlyagl Is considered by most who 6tudy Oklnawan Karate as the Master who had the most technical skill and Is one ol the one credited with naming Okinawa’s first style of the Karate as Goju Ryu Karate Do.ln this video, documented by George W Alexander Ph D you will learn what really made Mlyagl Into the legend what exactly was his dream for karate In the future , what his contributions to karate were and exactly what he changed and why Although there is no known footage of Mryagl, In this tape you will see Miyazato Elfchl and his famous Jun Do Kan performance as well as many rare photos of Yagl Meitoku and his Meibukan Also.CODE M4 Karate Escape Techniques In this tape Karate expert Lolus Estes
will show you many wrist escapes as well as several pressure points and throwing techniques that will leave your attacker helpless, once applied. He will show you, no matter you size or gender, how to use your body to Its maximum potential, should you ever have to defend yourself. Estes Is known as a master Technician and for his wide knowledge of karate Self defence applications that he leanred from his teacher Shogo Kuniba, the creator of Motobu Ha Shlto Ryu Karate. It you’re Interested In Karate’s self defence applications, then this professionally done, high quality tape Is the tape for you! Colour Approx 60 min.CODE N2 The Essenc9.QLShQiioJ1yu Karate Shorin Ryu Karate Is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of karate and is based on pure self-defence.

The Shorin Ryu Karate style contains many hidden techniques, which are revealed on this exciting video. On this video, you will learn pressure points, strikes, takedowns and Tulte Joint locking and Grappling. You will see the traditional kata of the Shorin Rya Style and a complete explanation of the fighting techniques of the kata Pinan Shodan, Naihanchl Shodan. Passal Dal, and Kusanku. It includes explanations of sparring, Wakusoku Kumite, (two man sparring kata 1 -6), Bo Kata Sunakake No Kon, Kumlbo Sandan (two man fighting kata), sal/bo kumite and self defence applications. A one of a kind video that truly captures the essence of Shorin Ryu Karate’.C ODE M43

Kukklwon and Tigers Demonstration TbamsThe Best of the Best Ever Tan Kwon Do In this video you will be able to see an be able to learn some of the most sensational Tae Kwon Do demonstrations ever.You will see unreal jumping techniques more than 12ft In the air, breaking 15 or more roofing ties with a single punch.The two self defence routines have some of the most unusual but fantastic kicks and throws you will ever see.

Rimed In Seoul Korea, you will finally see the best of the best that Tae Kwon Do has to offer.You will see the unbelievable power in the kicks of the Tae Kwon Do Including leaping ability like you’ve never seen before.An excellent video to learn new techniques or just watch and be amazed by the Kukkiwon and Tiger’s Demonstration Teams.Colour Approx 40 mlns..COD£ M28 Kanku Dal -yawing the Sky

This video will teach you the In’s and outs’ of Kanku-Dal one of the most beautiful kata’s In Shotokan Karate Do.The translation for this kata

Is Viewing The Sky. It was created In the 1750’s by a Chinese Military Envouy who was visiting ChlnaJtallan Shotokan Karate Master S.J Nekoofar performs the kata in precise moves with Impeccable form.You will be pleased to own this tape as you will be abfo to learn Kanku Dal as a beginner to the kata or as an Instructor teaching this fabulous, powerful form of the Shotakan Tiger. Colour Approx 60 min.CODE N3


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