The Meaning Of Taekwondo Belt Colors

Taekwondo Belt Colours

The colours regarding Taekwondo belts differ to demonstrate a pupils advancement of ability and rank. The belts and their particular colors are not merely a random assortment – in Taekwondo, each and every color has a meaning that lets martial artists be aware of their advance in ability and knowledge. Here’s the belt colors of Taekwondo and exactly what every means:

taekwondo belts

A white belt is the newbie and the token of birth. Students which wear white belts are in the beginning stages and in search of the knowledge to carry on Taekwondo.

A yellow belt is a first beam of sunshine that shines on the pupil, providing them with brand new strength in Taekwondo martial art. Pupils who have yellow belts took a great part of understanding, and have opened up their own mind to new methods.

Green represents a seed which has popped up from the ground and begun growing into a plant, and thus is the symbol of grownth. Individuals with green belts are continuing in the path of Taekwondo, learning, refining their techniques and developing.

A blue belt is the blue sky, with the plant continuing to grow upwards. In the same manner that a plant continues to grow taller, individuals with blue belts continue to move higher. At this level they are going to still gain extra understanding of Taekwondo to enable their body and minds to grow and develop further.

Red is the heat of the sun – with the plant’s path continuing towards the sun. By this stage the individuals with red belts have gained lots of understanding of Taekwondo. Red belts also tell the student be aware, because they gain more knowledge and their physical techniques develop.

A black belt symbolizes the darkness out there past the light from the sun. Black belts are the best of the best, and when a student has advanced to a black belt and begins to train other students, he’ll teach all that has been taught to him. Black belts really are a recognition of this, and when the pupils then teach others the art of Taekwondo, they carry on the endless cycle of training with this art.

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