The Sports Grip

Why the Sports Grip is the ultimate hand crushing device for the Martial Artist….

Imagine what it would be like if anytime you grabbed your opponent he couldn’t escape. Rather he would tremble with fear at your intimidating grip, knowing for sure there is no escape.

Wrist locks ,leg locks as well as just about any other submission require a coordinated strength between the fingers and the wrist. Sports Grip gives you that strength. A versatile piece of equipment you’ll probably never put down. After your strengthening routine you’ll be using it for relaxation.

Ui Finger and Thumb Exercises D Ultimate Wrist and Grip strengthening forearm strengthening 7 Joint Mobilization U\ Soft tissue Mobilization 70% of the bodies weight rests on the heels. Therefore the calf muscfes exert t little weight in supporting the body. When you wear Jump Spies the heel is I eliminated causing the calves to support 100% of the bodies weight This » overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with forces 6 times the bodies f weight upon impact. Polymeric training has proven to be the most effective way to improve vertical jumping, sprinting speed and footwork speed. Training in jumpsoies builds fast twitch muscle fibres and neural connections for explosive leaping and quickness .Jumpsoies are super durable high density platforms that hook and loop strap onto your own shoes converting them into state of the art plyometric trainers .Used by top athletes with outstanding results! Strap your jumpsoies on and blast through the plyometric workout. Then take them off and notice your immediate new explosiveness and spring! You will gain unparalleled height and speed in your jump kicks resulting in skyrocket t5 speed in your low line kicks. As athletes break new Records and barriers so will S you in the field of martial arts with the aid of Jumpsoies. Finally a device to propel the 21 st Century Warrior to the pinnacle of greatness. Jumpsoies comes complete with the Power Plyometric manual and video. The Jumpsoies Power Plyometric Program not only gives you the best training information ever put together ,but it also gives you an added dimension: critically important calf loaded resistance training. Only by using Jumpsoies can you maximize the effectiveness of regular jump exercises to properly work the important calf area where up to 30% of your propulsion is generated. Simply put, Jumpsoies take you to a higher level of training than any other program. <j300°/.HIGHER LEAPS WORKS Q .WORKS 6X YOUR BODY WEIGHT INTO YOUR CALVES &AOD ANOTHER 2 M INCREASE ANAEROBIC POWER BY 500% a



The Power Push Up phenomeno Sweeping the UK Many fighters train hours on end in pursuit of KO power yet never realize their true punching power potential. Why? Until now fighters have had to punch aimlessly in the air or hit the heavy bag. Sure, this may have some benefits however it has always failed to work the muscles and tendons in a full range of motion. It is precisely the strength in the tendons which allows for the delivery of that lights out punch. Power Push Up works the full range, whatever your practising be it Pre emptive strikes, Wing Chun Chain punches, Traditional Karate or Boxing our device delivers every time, adding that critically needed resistance to every strike..

Not only is Power push up hailed as the best punch development device on the planet, you can also use it for push ups, dips, lunges, rear deltoid fiyes and much more adding up to a whopping 300lbs of resistance! Simple and fun to use .you’ll look forward to using your Power Push Up every workout. Whilst practising your key techniques not only will you be tremendously improving your power and boosting your speed you will also be getting more toned and ripped, gaining energy, physical poise and confidence. At last a product created for the 21st Century Warrior.

The Power Wheel not only helps you get razor sharp abs. It also develops core strength In all your Major muscle groups enabling you to be a better athlete, whilst assisting in injury prevention. If your wondering how you’d get stronger than keep reading When you look at primates, you’ll find that they are incredibly powerful. Did they get that way by lifting weights, or did they get that way by working their own body weight? A 60-pound Chimpanzee for example, has 3 times the strength of a human being. An ape on the other hand has the strength of 10 Olympic weight lifters, simply by moving around its own body weight in a specific way.. The Power Wheel co-ordinates and concentrates your body weight into key areas.

Now picture this: You walk on your hands while strapped to the pedals. This exercise does for your upper body what walking does for your legs.

Did you know our legs are three times stronger than our arms. Imagine the power you can get from this exercise alone.

The Power Wheel has many more exercises and comes complete with training manual and free instructional Video.

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