Master of Tomiki, Prof. Higashi teaches the prin ciples of traditional Aikido: postures, techniques & defenses against the knife. 1- KIHON-NO-KATA, THE 17 BASIC I. . TECHNIQUES – Hiji-waza (elbow),f. &-% Tekubi-waza (wrist), Uki-waza ,’ – – ‘ I 2 –



Vr1 ts»

JUDO GRAPPLING PROFESSOR NOBUYOSHl HIGASHI Traditional Judo techniques from the Kodokan system. 1 – OSAEKOMI-WAZA (Holding Techniques) – Teaches variations < k,?,;’,,f.;’!’;c’ SS??? iesaS!!?me! M;>kurj-kesa-galamc, Ushiro-kcsa-galame, Kala-gaiame. Kami-shiro-calame II TSiSSSSS MAPHILINDO SILAT


Maphilindo was created by Guro Dan Inosanto to honor his many instructors from Southeast Asia.

The art is based on their teachings. Guro Tucci is one of the few certified by Guro Inosanto to teach this effective defense art. 1 Beginner drills & techniques.Includes training & self-defense 2 – Counters to punches & kicks including arm & leg destructions.

Sweeps, throws, locks, levers & foot THE ART OF FILIPINO WEAPONRY- PANANANDATA


Learn the lightning fast fighting of the northern Phillipines. 1 – SINGLE STICK Teaches classical form using one stick, the combination of stick & knife & footwork for quick maneuvering. 2 – DOUBLE STICKS The use of 2 sticks with footwork & striking points. Plus free-fighting with 1 vs. 2 sticks & 31 sticks vs. the 44 stick. 3 – BALISONG – THE ART OF OPENING & CLOSING 20 balisong manipulations. 4 – DOUBLE BALISONG – Advanced left & right simultaneous openings & closings. 5 – HAWAKAN, THE FILIPINO TONFA – The use as a striking weapon with disarming & lake-downs 6 – PAGTATANGGOL SA SARILI – SELF-

DEFENSE WITH COMMON ITEMS -The use of common objects in effective self-defense. From umbrellas to books to letter openers, even trash cans.



Prof. Cerio was promoted to 9th degree by Grandmaster Ed Parker. Professor Cerio teaches the ultra-efficient defense techniques of Kenpo. 1 – Intermediate Kenpo Hands – Learn the continuous returning fist of Kenpo to repel an attacker for good Kenpo self-defense 2 – Advanced Kenpo Hands – Techniques for the arms & upper body. Excellent training for quick reflexes & self-defense. 3 – Kenpo Bo Staff – The form & techniques explained in detail. 4 – Kenpo Hand Connections – Covers the moves and techniques integral to the proper use of Kenpo techniques in self-defense.

HIDDEN FIGHTING SECRETS OF SHORIN-RYU Sensei George Alexander, 7th Dan The hidden pres-sure points, body shifting & take-downs in kata.

A- Naih&nchl Shodui & Nidan, Chlnto, Ptiml Dai B-NalhanchlSandan, Pawl % C – (Itiiushihii Prof. Powell has trained over 40 years in the martial arts & he shows ways to immediately neutralize an attack and immobilize your assailant.

Tape contains blocks, attacks, flips, take-downs and pressure points. \Videos1, 2, 3, 4, 5 KRAV M AG A


Devised for Israeli freedom fighters, Krav Maga is the only unarmed martial art of this century to be tested and developed in wartime conditions.

Tape 1 – INTRO TO KRAV MAGA Covers the basic moves and self-defense combinations to increase awareness in a confrontation and explains how they can be adopted to different body types. Tape 2 – BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE KRAV MAGA


R. MARTENS-LODERUS A Pan-Germanic fighting arfi with Pre-Cellic and Indo-Aryan roots. The movements of Stav are based on the 16 traditional Runes & the Norse caste system. INTRO TO STAV – In this tape the five levels (castes) of Stav are shown and explained in detail using the staff, spear and ax.

Included is the traditional Rune breathing exercise.

GOJU-RYU KARATE-DO PAUL OKAMI ,V’-V.V-.V IKF Comprehensive videos for Goju practitioners. Videos conies with detailed manuals. JAPANESE GOJU – Basics. Kihon Ido, Shippon

Ido, Kata Gckisui Ichi, Sanchin Tensho, Kihon Kumite. Buiikui & more, lhr, 45 min. OKINAWAN GOJU – Kata & bunkai of Sesan, Kururimfa &

Supurinpci are taught & explained in detail TO ORDER CALL: 1-800 735-652 or Order on-line www.espyoflers EAGLE CLAW KUNG FU GRANDMASTER LEUNG SHUM Northern Eagle Claw is a classical system using locks, pressure points & grappling techniques. Master Shum has direct lineage from Great- grandmasters Chan Tzi Ching & Lau Fat Mon under Grandmaster Ng Wai Nung. Master Shum is the only Eagle Claw master teaching in the U.S. With over 50 years of training & teaching experience. The videos teach beginner to advanced with basics & forms. These are the original Eagle Claw videos our 1 series! Learn from the first Eagle Claw teacher in the U.S. 1- EAGLE CLAW WORKOUT / KUNG LEK KUNE (Power Fist Form) 2 hrs 2-10 BASIC PUNCHES / JEET KUNE (Quick Fist Form) 66 min. 3 – BASIC PUNCHING TECHNIQUES / SUI MIN JEUNG (Small Cotton Palm Form) 4 – FORM DEFENSE TECHNIQUES / MUY FA KUEN (Plum Flower Fist Form) 1hr. 5 – EAGLE CLAW PRINCIPLES 1 & 2 / LAW HORN KUEN (Buddha Fist Form) 1hr. 6 – STAFF DEFENSE TECHNIQUES / KUAN YEUNG KUAN (Shepherd Staff)1hr. 7 – EAGLE CLAW PRINCIPLES 3 & 4 / LOK HOP DO (6 Direction Sabre) 1hr. 8 – EAGLE CLAW PRINCIPLES 5, 6 & 7 / NG FU CHUENG (5 Tiger Spear Form)1hr. NEW ADVANCED EAGLE CLAW FORMS 9 – NG FA POW (5 Leopard Fist) 10 – TAI JO KUEN (Ming Dynasty King Form) 11 – DOI MIN JEUNG (Smooth Palm 2-man Set) 12 – DAI HUNG KUEN (Great Hero Form) EAGLE CLAW SELF-DEFENSE The essence of Eagle Claw is contained in the application of techniques; throws, pressure points, kicks, locks and grappling are applied. 1 YING JOW CHI KUNG & 20 EAGLE CLAW TECHNIQUES – 63 min. 2 TECHNIQUES AGAINST OPEN HAND GRABS, 10 LOW KICKS & EAGLE CLAW FREE FIGHTING – 1 hour TIGER CLAW KUNG FU MASTERTAK WAH ENG Rated .v.v.v.Y 4.K.F.

Learn the ferocious Tiger Claw Style from the Shaolin Temple. Master Eng has studied and taught Tiger Claw for over 20 years. Learn the incredible power exercises, devastating self-defense and the ultimate iron palm training. All tapes have fighting techniques. 1- WORKOUT &

SELF-DEFENSE Stances, basic moves & dcfcnse.(40m.) 2-TIGER CLAW BUDDHA FORM & WEAPONS A Shaolin fonn & weapon dcmos(55 m.) 3- TIGER CLAW CHI KUNG EXERCISE & TIGER / CRANE -1 & 2 MAN FORMS (50 min.) 4- COMPLETE TIGER CLAW IRON PALM TRAINING The truth about Iron Palm HCE 75m. 5- MOVES OF THE TIGER – The essence or Tiger Claw! Tension training & self-defense (90min 6 – SHAOLIN BLACK TIGER FORM – The principle form of Tiger Claw! Plus hislory & defense 7 SHAOLIN STAFF – Learn staff chi kung and a form. Includes hand vs. staff defense. (35min.)

WING CHUN KUNG FU SIFU CHUNG K. CHOW Sifu Chow has been teaching Wing Chun for over 20 years. He reveals unique aspects of Wing Chun that are not seen on videos .available elsewhere. NEW WING CHUN VIDEOS!!! ‘1- WING CHUN COMBAT APPLICATIONS – Turn sticky hands into street self-ifense. Includes unique sticky-leg movements. 45Min.- !- COMPLETE WING CHUN STICKY HANDS Includes: Center Line Concepts. Yin-Yang Theory. The 4 Gales. 70Min. WING CHUN FREE SPARRING Kxpand sticky hands to distance fighting. Ing Chun footwork, powerful Low Kicks and entering techniques. 4 – SIL LUM TAU & APPLICATIONS – The 1st form. Sil Lum Tail (Small Idea) contains all the fundamental hand movements of Wing Chun. Learn the theory of each movement in self-defense. 5 – CHUM KIU & APPLICATIONS – ‘Hie 2nd form of Wing Chun is shown including several common vari-ations. With an explanation of Ying/Yang power and the unique double sticky hands. 90Min 6 – BIL JEE & APPLICATIONS – The 3rd and most important fonn is taught in detail with applications. Includes finger and elbow techniques plus finger tip strengthening exercises.

WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY (Wing Chun Mok Jong) This fonn is the culmination of the classic Wing Chun training program. Sifu Chow teaches the enitre form and hidden technique. The use of the Wooden Dummy improves hand & arm conditoning and also trains coordination and speed. 7 – WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY VOLUME 1 – Sections One thru Five. 8 – WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY VOLUME 2 – Sections Six thru Ten.

CHOY LI FUT KUNG FU GRANDMASTER DOC-FAI WONG Grandmaster Wong is a direct 5th generational lineage descendant of the founder of Choy Li Fut, Chan Heung. In this double series, Master Wong teaches hand & weapon sets handed down by Grandmasters Wong Gong & Lau Bun.



SHAOLIN 5 ANIMALS GRANDMASTER DOC-FAIWONG M Master Wong teaches this rare Shaolin monk form. It trains breathing, stances & power. An’ very long advanced form for serious students of Shaolin Kung Fu!

KUNG FU MASTERS >.V;(.V,IKF Demos by the Masters and their schools.

Tape 1 – 1988 Demo Tape 2 – 1991 Demo TRADITIONAL JODO

THE ART OF THE STICIC- SUBURI (Cutting & Striking), KUMI JO – 2-Man Tech.: AWASE – (Low, Middle & Upper). 1hr- All Videos are now available on DVD & VHS TO ORDER CALL: 1-800 735-6521 r, WU STYLE TAI CHI CHUAN MASTER LEUNG SHUM RATED AA ,t-,V Inside Kung Fu The rare traditional Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan is taught in this comprehensive video series. Master Shum has been teaching Wu Style for over 40 years. 1 THE LONG FORM Step-by-step
instruction of the complete form. 72Min. 2 PUSH HANDS The complete Wu Style push hands system is taught.

From basics to : standing push hands to walking push hands to rolling push hands & self-defense. 1 hr. 3 TAI CHI CHUAN SELF- DEFENSE I Chi

Kung power movements, stepping & breathing exercises. Basic blocks & strikes from the form are taught. 1Hr 4 TAI CHI CHUAN SELF-DEFENSE II Advanced techniques from the long form. Deflects, sticky hands, locks & throws are taught.

Purchase all four videos and receive the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan book free! IOW GA KUNG FU

SIFU RONALD WHEELER Combining Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin & other styles. Teaches the forms with training exercises & techniques. 1 SUI FOK FU (Small Subduing Tiger) 2 MUI FA KUEN (Plum Flower Fist) 3 TIT JIN KUEN (Iron Arrow Fist) 4 SUI HUNG KUEN (Small Hung Fist) 5 MOI FA CHEUNG (Plum Blossom Spear) 6 SEURNG TAUH GWAN (Double Head Staff) – 7 FU MEI DAN DO (Tiger Tail Broad Sword) Videos S29.95 ea, Order all seven for S189.95 6 SNAKE STYLE & DRUNKEN KUNG FU JO-SI RONDIE CHEN

Jo-Si Chen trained Shaolin Snake Fist & Zui Jiu Quan (Drunkard’s Boxing) in Bejing under Grandmaster Chen Sha Hai & is part of the Bejing Wu

Shu Team.

WHITE EYEBROW KUNG FU MASTER MAN KWONG FONG teaches Chi (Jung. The form Sub Jec Kunc & fighting techniques. $29.95 1- SNAKE & DRUNKEN STYLE BASICS Covers the unique training exercises of Snake & Drunken styles plus the first forms of the Snake style 2- INTERMEDIATE SNAKE FORM & TECHNIQUE 3 – DRUNKEN KUNG FU EXERCISE FORM -An intricate training form with Drunken free fighting techniques.



DRAGON STYLE KUNG FU SIFU YIP WING HONG An aggressive fighting system blending external & internal power. It incorporates sliding footwork that resembles the moves of the dragon Learn the unique armwork and shoulder positioning. 1 – BEGINNER’S BASICS AND FORMS 45 min. 2 – INTERMEDIATE BASICS ANDV FORMS 45min 1 – POWER TRAINING & STANCES -leaches the stances & movements of Hung Cia with self-defense applications. Basics needed to perform the style! The preparation of Sifu Yce’s Dit Da Jow is included. 50 min 2 – GUNG Jl FUK FU KUEN & FIGHTING APPLICATIONS The form is taught & explained with applications. This is the fonn all Hung Ga practitioners must know! Plus an explanation of Hung Ga fighting theory. 45Min. 3 TIGER/CRANE TECHNIQUES & TRAINING -Demonstrates the potential of the signature moves of Hung Ga.


Seven Star is a practical self-defense style utilizing kicking strategies, trapping techniques, pressure points, joint locks and throws. Situ

Funk is a disciple of! Master Al Client;. Tapes 1 – 4 are basic to intermediate tapes and include one hand form, one weapon form or basics and a precise explanation of the techniqui Tapes 5 thru 12 are advanced instruction of forms and technique. 1- BUNG BO & NG LONG GWUN (Staff) 2- BAAG YUNE TSUUD DUNG & YEEN TSING DOE (Sabre) 3- FAY NGAAN DZERNG & YEE LO MUI FAA TSERNG (Spear) 4- BUCK YUNE TOW TOE & 7 STAR BASICS 5- ADVANCED MANTIS TECHNIQUES -Trapping, pressure points, joint locks & mantis fighting theory. 6- MAY FOW KUEN 7- SAM LO CHET YUEN 8- TONG LONG TOU TOE 9- TONG LONG TSUUD DUNG 10- LAW HON GUNG – Mantis Shaolin breadline exercises; Mantis Iron Palm. Open Palm Fighting . 11- PRAYING MANTIS GIM SOU (STICKY HANDS) Advanced Sparring Strategies & Drills 12 – MANTIS ADVANCED TRAINING DRILLS & SELF-DEFENSE SKILLS

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