Total Body Exercises – Why They Work For Strength Gains And Weight Loss

For best results when training your body using any type of weight, whether it is barbells, dumbbells, exercise devices, or simply your own bodyweight, Compound total body movements need to make up the cornerstone of your muscle gain and weight loss program because they will allow you to:

  • boost stamina levels
  • train in a way that targets the muscles to synthesise aminoacids
  • boost aerobic capacity
  • make your workouts more efficient for the hours invested

Should you execute any movement using sloppy form, you will not recruit your muscles efficiently. So it could be worthwhile keeping track of your form with an expert fitness instructor, as well as researching some workout videos.
clean and jerk
For example, many of the Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk need to be practiced for a few hours before you get anywhere near good form. Once you do though, they are very efficient at increasing strength, speed and enhancing fitness. I wouldn’t tell anyone to hold back in their attempts to increase the amount of weight lifted. However, every pro athlete will say, if you want to increase muscle size and definition you should control the weights, not let them control you.

Another way of training the entire body using total body movements, is to have mini-sessions of partial moves. This is where you break a compound movement down into its constituent parts. So for example, with a movement like the power clean, you might work on the lower part of the movement with rack pulls ( a type of partial deadlift). The upper part of the movement could be worked with a type of fast upright row to the chin. You could even superset these two movements with the main lift in a type of circuit for an extra boost to the metabolism. It is is important to use these type of movements in your health and fitness program since they produce an anabolic impact on the whole body.

Do you know that you could train the body with an infinite selection of techniques? As soon as you work more than a couple of muscle groups in one go, across a number of joints, then it is a compound movement. The squat thrust is an excellent example of this. However, if you are bending at only one particular joint, such as the elbow does in a cable tricep extension, then it is an isolation exercise. Proper exercise selection makes it easier to:

  • Break through sticking points.
  • Relieve pain brought about by bad posture, stemming from inactivity.
  • Place emphasis on weak muscles (In case you have a weak muscle anywhere, this is immensely important).
  • Produce strength gains in other exercises
  • Help you to lower unhealthy adipose (or fat) tissue
  • Make lifting dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells more enjoyable

Keep Pushing It with The Basics You can jump from program to program in the hope of finding the magic bullet of muscle building and fat loss. However, if you make no attempt to progressively overload (slap more iron on the bar, set new rep records or sprint faster or further in less time, for example), you can’t raise your fitness level, no matter what your body type. Remember that concept ‘progressive’ nonetheless – it signifies that you should increase the weight induced stress gradually over time – not pile it on all at once! Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Resistance or Load: In the weight room, you can hypertrophy the arm muscles by steadily increasing the weight you work with, getting started, by way of example, with 35 lbs in the dumbbell power clean, and increasing the weight by 2 to 5 lbs for a few sets to test the weight. Do 4-5 sets until eventually you can’t get more than 8 repetitions on one of the sets. Needless to say, you would need to settle on the initial load in accordance with your current ability. These weights are only guidelines.
  • Speed: through finishing more sets in a shorter time compared to a recent workout and also by reducing the recovery period in between sets or supersets.
  • Work Duration: This is where you extend the time you train. Nevertheless, you don’t lessen the quality of work performed whatsoever. Which is precisely what creates the overload effect. An example could be to increase your 4 mph weight vest power walk to finish five miles at the same speed in 75 minutes.

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