Train Quick And Train Heavy All At Once

The Kettlebell swing is an effective lower body exercise, but without doubt one of the hardest if undertaken using correct form. It is a versatile exercise which enables it to be adapted to target a range of muscles to different degrees. An exercise circuit can combine from 2 to 15 movements. As well as developing fitness and strength, the circuit can feature drills that have a weight bearing quality, and thus having a beneficial effect on sports related performance. Make certain to stay hydrated, with normal water or an energy drink if you prefer, and sip during the rest periods. This is very important to help keep your heart rate up as you proceed through the workout.

  • In order to build up strength, intersperse sets of 8-15 intense reps with 1 to 2 minute cardiovascular recuperation intervals.
  • Given that you are only working on each separate activity for a short time, (15-40 seconds at most) you should try to do them at maximum effort. This allows for the highest level of calorie burning.
  • Most circuits are planned out to improve the rate of force production. This is the capability of a muscle or muscle group to continue to do work, whether that be a high repetition set of Barbell Shoulder Presses or a 12 round boxing match, under glycogen depleted conditions. This usually puts stress on the various energy pathways, (especially in relation to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)) and also leads to an elevated cardiovascular system reaction.

If you prefer a tough workout routine, check out the examples below:

  1. Kettlebell swing
  2. Single Leg Extension
  3. Kettlebell swing
  4. Close Grip Bent Over Row
  5. Seated Barbell Press Behind Neck
  6. Kettlebell swing

This kind of non-stop weight lifting keeps your muscle and aerobic systems pushed to the utmost. In contrast to low intensity aerobic exercise that burns muscle away, employing weights this way forces your body to increase muscle size and definition while stripping away fat. To trigger a response in your quadriceps and glutes for maximum muscle stimulus aim for 4-10 repetitions on the Kettlebell swing and less heavy weights on the other movements. For getting a total body energy enhancing workout, use approximately 5-8 reps on every movement and take longer rests in between sets.

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