UFC 7 and UFC 8:

The Brawl in REAL TO REEL

FIGHTERS’ DVD ROUND-UP Helping all you ‘Fight Fans’ build the ultimate DVD collection DVD of the month Buffalo and David vs Goliath Cert: 15

RRP: £19.99 www. Fightdvd. co. uk You know that I rate this on-going series as a chance for UFC devotees to catch up on the early pioneering days of this MMA juggernaut and possibly see some of the legendary forerunners in action for the first time. UFC 7 features Ken Shamrock and Oleg Taktarov in a Superfight that quite frankly doesn’t live up to its billing, with Shamrock dominating from the guard, not allowing Taktarov to demonstrate his explosive technique. As a fight, it’s the right tactic but as a spectacle it falls short. Real stars of UFC 7 are ‘King of the Streets’ Marco Ruas and the giant ‘Polar Bear’ Paul Varelans. With ice in his veins, Ruas systematically chops (with devastating leg kicks) Varelans down to size.


UFC 8 is interesting for pitching up a series of big guy/little guy matches, hence the title but there are some big names on offer here-most notably Don Frye and Gary Goodridge, who make their way to the final in their own indomitable style. The superfight once again features Ken

Shamrock but this time it is a far more satisfying affair against Kimo. This is a great mix of stand up and ground with Shamrock showing resilience against Kimo’s sustained assault before gaining the ankle.

Frye versus Goodridge is equally entertaining and fast paced, with another superb mix of ground and pound and punching power. Punching power wins out, Frye’s excellent short uppercuts and hooks finally putting Goodridge out of action.

Highlights: Varelans simply wading through his early opponents with disdain is remarkable to watch, whilst Don Frye’s debut is a short sharp shock to his opponent, two punches and it’s all over and a new superstar is born. Gary Goodridge is equally destructive in his opening round with devastating elbows.

Stand out moment: Across the two DVD’s it has to be the sight of Varelans finally succumbing to the crippling leg kicks and Ruas jumping onto his fallen opponent like a lion on a felled zebra.

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