Use Circuit Training To Increase Lactate Production For Optimum Muscle Mass And Weight Loss Gains

This is a very good movement for the butt and hamstrings and lower body, owing to the many ways you may employ it. A variety of muscle groups are put into use, helping to enhance the metabolic rate. It is a flexible exercise and may be employed to generate more muscle mass and tone the glutes and hamstrings directly, or it can be used as an active lactic threshold movement using lighter weights (included in a full-body circuit). Power circuit training is a non-stop regimen that combines strength and cardiovascular activities. The cardiovascular factor raises the heart rate, helping to pump the blood around the muscles, before you do some strength training. It is a highly effective means of increasing endurance, but comes with the extra advantage that your physique and overall health can be improved upon through the use of movements that have these specific aims. If your bodybuilding and strength training program is not giving you the results you really want, and you are struggling to pack on muscle mass, try circuit training. You might find it kick starts your progress.

  • The aerobic benefit of circuit training is close to 40% of conventional cardiovascular training (as far as immediate bearing on VO2 max), on the other hand fat oxidation capacity is about ten times stronger.
  • For an additional challenge, perform standing up exercises on a wobbly obect such as a bosu ball or a balance pad.
  • To maximize the potential to get super strong from this type of program, a power circuit can be created. This can be achieved by using techniques from a body building programme and executing them in sequence with exercise movements from a plyometric programme. For example, complete a set of narrow stance squats where 6-15 reps can be accomplished prior to failure. It’s very important to stop before failure. This is at once followed by 6-12 reps of box jumps.

If you need a challenging training session, consider the following:

  1. Bodyweight Walking Lunge
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. Chair Leg Raise
  4. Kettlebell swing
  5. Guillotine Press
  6. Kettlebell swing
  7. Behind Neck Lat Pull Down
  8. One Arm Cable Reverse Fly
  9. Kettlebell swing

It is much like carrying out cardiovascular exercise but with far less repetitions (due to resistance), and even more productive. This sort of circuit-based strength training keeps your muscle as well as cardio systems working hard. This is a superb way of building the legs, buttocks and hamstrings in addition to training your other muscles and athletic ability. If you wish to lose fat, lessen rest intervals, yet still train relatively heavy. To get a top to bottom energy enhancing training session, use approximately 5-10 reps on every single movement and have considerably longer rest intervals in between exercises.

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