Weapon attacks should be drilled often in 52 Blocks training. Consider a weapon attack: Weapons have great destructive capabilities. Some people argue that you should not carry a weapon on your person because you risk hurting yourself on the weapon, or because your opponent may take the weapon from you. They argue that it is better to learn how to defend yourself empty handed against an attacker wielding a weapon. But the problem with empty hand defense against a weapon attack is that weapons, because they have such great destructive capabilities, and because they have better range than our hands and feet, are generally difficult to intercept and defend against. One faulty move against an armed assailant may mean death. Modern weapons, such as knives and firearm, also have certain weaknesses that, if you understand them, enable you to defend yourself more effectively. You can now draw strength from the weaknesses of your opponent’s weapon. But if you don’t train offensively with weapons, it is unlikely that you will gain insight into the weaknesses of the weapon.

If you attend a one or two day seminar on weapon disarming techniques and you have never fired a handgun, have no idea of the many different ways to hold and attack with a knife, and don’t know the strengths and weakness of each grip, you are cheating yourself out of what might be life saving knowledge. When learning 52 Blocks disarming techniques, as long as your assailant’s weapon is not in a position where it is a direct threat, you may be better off letting him keep it initially. You may actually be limiting your assailant’s effectiveness by not disarming him, because a person who attacks with a weapon is likely to have tunnel vision: He will think only of the weapon attack.

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