Weight Training For MMA The Dumbbell Floor Press

Single Arm Dumbbell Floor Press

Dumbbells are ideal as a training tool in weight training for MMA as they allow us to use our arms independently and in planes of motion that mimic fight situations.

For example, when you are grounded by an opponent with your back on the floor and wish to land blows upwards or push your opponent off, there are specific exercises we can do with dumbbells to increase our strength in this area.

If you are stuck for exercise ideas when weight training for MMA, the dumbbell floor press is one of the most useful movements for increasing upper body and core strength. This can be performed in a number of ways. It could be done with two hands holding dumbbells at once moving together. It could be done with two dumbbells moving independently like pistons. Or it can be done with one dumbbell at a time which really stresses the muscles and ligaments of the core. This will have a great carry over to a real fight situation.

In addition to the variations of exercises that can be performed doing the dumbbell floor press, we can also vary the weight, speed of movement, repetition range, rest between sets, volume, intensity, and a host of other factors.  So you can see that with one simple piece of equipment, and the floor, the variations are infinite.

Depending on your long-term goals, your desired weight class, and a sober judgement of your own weaknesses, the dumbbell floor press will have great carry over to your ground game and stand up striking. Here is a list of several exercises which you could incorporate into your weight training for MMA.  The Dumbell Floor Press variations incude:

  • Single arm dumbbell floor press
  • Two arm dumbbell floor press
  • Dumbbell floor press from a dead start
  • Dynamic effort dumbbell floor press
  • Max effort dumbbell floor press
  • Punch out dumbbell foor press
  • Left and right rotation conditioning drill dumbbell for press
  • Dumbbell floor press superset variations – these are limitless.

Go ahead and give it a go.  Its especially useful if you train in a crowded gym.  When everyone is hogging the benches, you can just go to ground!

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  1. Man, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog! I’m working my way through the archives starting from the beginning. Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

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