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The following is an extract from a recent seminar at the end of which Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham and Russell Stutely took questions from the floor.

Russell and Herol, you both showed us ways to produce massive impact that seemed so different in their approach, can you explain how they work?

Herol ‘Bomber1 Graham: Well actually the methods are very similar. The DSI principles of power generation match many of my own theories in power generation. The waveform is a shrunken down version of my use of the fulcrum and the generation of kinetic energy. By pushing down on the ball of the back foot we propel the power up through the body and out of the striking fist.

Russell Stutely: I ought to add here that the push need not mean that the heel has to be raised too high, just a few millimetres will do.

HG: That is right, but the push down is so important.

RS: Even more so is to get the feet pointing in the right direction.

HG: That’s right. I have seen so many boxers and indeed martial artists at the recent MAI Super Seminar pointing the back foot out to the side.

It should be pointed towards the opponent. Where your feet point is where the power goes, simple as that.

M Russell SHOefy d Aonstrates QiPj ‘OPCB of Tonite Julsu RS: This is so important. We have stressed over and over again how important it is to point your feet in the right direction. Not only does it increase your power, it also massively decreases the likelihood of your legs being attacked in a self defence scenario.

HG: There is no need to worry about defending your legs in the ring, that is why (I think) people have let that back leg stick out. When people talk about a boxer throwing a punch they think of the arm only, whereas the throw begins with the feet, up through the body, out the fist and through the opponent, not on them but through, and through as far as you can.

RS: Just to add here, this does not mean that you go off balance and launch yourself, it means that you project through the opponent and on into infinity, a difficult concept to grasp but one that needs to be understood.

HG: It is the same principle with a hook. It should go right through and round, but the point of impact should be as close to a straight line as possible. This is difficult to explain, but the impact point must be as straight as you can get. Do not forget, a curve is made up of many, many straight lines put together at angles.

RS: Then you have to consider the feet. They must be pointing where you want the power to go. Many people use the ‘put out the cockroach’ twist on a hook. However utilising Herol’s methods preclude the need for that foot twist by pushing down on the inside of that lead foot and letting that dictate the angle of impact of the hook for the most devastating effect.

HG: Not many people understand what we are explaining here, but it can be shown to work very easily and all of you here today have massively increased both the power and speed of your punches, both straights and hooks.

We most certainly have and we cannot thank you both enough. Now onto Pressure Points, surely they can’t be used in Boxing?

HG: Well, Russell’s fighters are using them with no trouble and I can now use them with no problem. Hope that answers your question.

RS: Hold on, Herol, we ought to explain that a bit.

HG: What for? Oh alright then. Last year I did a seminar for Russell to demo my line of Skip Fit Skipping Ropes. The seminar went like a dream,

I may add. After the seminar, Russell explained to me many of the principles of the DSI and also how

Pressure Points can be used even when wearing boxing gloves. He lightly K.O.’d a few people with 16oz gloves on and through a headguard. This was with shots that should not have done anything. They were so light that I initially thought it must have been a fake but I can assure you it was not. Since then Russell has taken the time to go through several of these with me and I can attest to their effectiveness either in or out of the ring.

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RS: Can I just butt in here, Herol. It needs explaining that it is a learned skill to be able to use Pps while wearing boxing gloves. Pps are much easier to use in a street situation. They will only work with gloves on if you have a clear understanding of what we call ‘Players to the

Game’ and what Herol calls principles. These include things such as Body Physics, Body Mechanics, Mind Breath Body and, of course, the waveform to name the main ones required.

HG: Yes, but people should be half way there if their training has been done correctly.

Why aren’t Boxers like Lewis and Tyson using them then? HG: Because they do not know where they are, simple as that.

RS: They are using some of the Players though and if anyone remembers the Tyson K.O of Trevor Berbick, that was a classic reaction from someone k.o’d by Points through a glove. Tyson hit him with a bodyshot that hit the Liver/Gallbladder crossing and then hooked high to the forehead above the eye, hitting the Gallbladder meridian again. Berbick’s legs went to jelly, he thought he knew where he was but he just could not make his legs work. So, maybe some boxers do have this knowledge but the addition of the Points could have a devastating effect on the world of boxing. The boxer still needs the skill to land in the right place however.

HG: It needs someone with my skills to do it I am afraid! Will you be teaching your boxers to use Points Herol? HG: Most definitely. Any edge you can give your fighters is most important. If they only use it once in the ring with success it will have been worth it, especially if it was for a title fight.

RS: The thing is how it is taught. Boxers do not need to know the science behind how it works or why. They just need to know some basic principles of striking and general areas to strike in combination for the most detrimental effect on the opponent. You all hit each other lightly to the body today with no effect. Then we showed you how to hit the body at a different angle and suddenly the effect was startling.

HG: That strike to the body never ceases to amaze me. I am waiting for the person it does not work on, but we have not found him yet. If I’d known that when I was in the ring I would have used it all the time.

When is the next seminar with you two? RS : We are in the middle of arranging a seminar tour to various MA clubs throughout the UK. The tour will include instruction in all aspects of the fight game and how to add the Points.

HG: Along with a demo of my amazing Skip Fit Rope.

RS: Not forgetting the Skip Fit Rope, Herol. For details of the Seminar tour see my website at HYPERLINK http://www.go.to/DSIUK;

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